Laura Frank Makes Explosive Country Debut With “Things I’d Rather Do”

Teaming up with award-winning producer Jordan Power, Laura Frank is making her incredible country debut with her new single “Things I’d Rather Do”. With stunning folk/country vocals and a clear awareness of what works from a songwriting perspective, her music reaches out to connect with a broader audience. It effectively fuses hints of organic country with an honest sentiment and an overall engaging, enjoyable style. “Things I’d Rather Do” is all of this, a quickly familiar set-up paves the way well for a song that skillfully and poetically details the scenes of its story. Laura Frank has fused a brilliantly uplifting and progressive melody, with a warm and comforting musicality, and a story that seems just personal enough to connect, but also vague enough for listeners to make it their own. 

Laura Frank has taken the time to build something entirely unique, made up of individually crafted and captured moments of audio. Ultimately, the effect is a rightfully uplifting call to action, “Things I’d Rather Do” engages and embraces the listener, and inspires them to step forward. Within that though, there are so many details and indications of ability, that you’re left with an understanding of Laura Frank as a fully immersive and passionate composer and singer/songwriter. She plans to release more material before the end of 2019! Stay tuned!  Check out “Things I’d Rather Do” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Laura Frank! Great to be able to chat with you, thanks for the interview! What can you tell us about the overall concept of your debut single “Things I’d Rather Do”? 

Hey guys, thanks so much for having me! Things I'd Rather Do is a song basically about procrastination. There are so many times I find myself wanting to do something, getting out of bed for example, and 10 mins later I'm still in that exact same position looking at facebook, Instagram or stuck in the YouTube loop and so .... I wrote a song about it. It basically sheds a light on all of the things we miss out on because we spend so much time on our devices. I'm also a bit of a homebody, so there is an element of that in there as well.

“Things I’d Rather Do” was an incredibly versatile and catchy track. Where did you draw the inspiration to create this particular type of sound?

Thank you! My co-writer (and also partner) Nick Morrissey always helps me shape a song, but for this tune we had a really open mind about the sound when we went into the studio. It was the first time I had worked with Jordan Power (ARIA award winner) and I was super keen to see where his brain went with it. I knew I didn't want the sound to be totally 'country' sounding and I have many musical influences that use a range of different sounds in their tunes, ie. P!nk & Lady Gaga, so I guess it was a lovely mix of my influences and some super creative brains in the studio that shaped the sound.

How would you say that “Things I’d Rather Do” compares to the kind of music you curated when you first started out as an artist?! Why did you decide to make the switch to country?

Golly! It's quite different. My previous sound I was trying to find my feet and my place in the industry. This time, instead of searching for where I fit I decided to go with my gut and trust the team I have around me. It worked! The sound is much more 'whole' I think. It's so much fuller and I'm really happy with the direction it took. I think deep down I've always known I was destined to be a Country singer but for many years I tried to steer clear of it. Country music can have a stigma attached to it, you know? I want to break that..... I like to call myself an 'Alt Country' artist ..... So people don't automatically assume I'm singing about a truck, whiskey and how my husband left me.

Do you prefer the more intimate recording process over live performance? How do you personally feel when you're performing your music live?

Ohh that's a really tricky question. I love both aspects - it's the rehearsing that can get a bit tedious :-P Recording has always been one of my favourite parts of being a musician, hearing the tunes come to life. But I don't think anything can beat a crowd full of people enjoying your music.

Most of the time, when performing, I'm either people watching, or having so much fun on stage I'm not thinking about anything else but how awesome it is! Like when you're on a roller coaster and all the thoughts disappear and it's just the adrenaline. I guess it depends on the gig, how my days been haha. But most of the time I'm trying to just be in the moment and savour the experience.

You mentioned you’ll be releasing more this year! What can you tell us about your upcoming release?  

Yes! Well I can tell you that it will be out at the end of November and that it's totally different to 'Things I'd Rather Do'. The team and I had a plan to release a Double A Side before the tracks were recorded, but after we got the mixes back from the producer we decided that the songs needed their own time in the spotlight. They are really different from each other and I think that's part of the magic I'm making as 'Laura Frank'. Keep everyone guessing.

It was great having you here on BuzzMusic! What’s next for you?

I have a string of gigs coming up over December / January including some super cool support shows and a bit of a tour with some other amazing country musicians over here in Aus (which you can find all the details of on my Facebook page once they're released @laurafrankmusic). Until then, I'll be shooting a video for the next release and writing as much as I can so we can go back into the studio early next year!