Laura Frank’s Single “Leave It All Behind” Strikes A Chord With Us

Southeast Queensland’s very own Laura Frank graciously gifted us with her latest single “Leave It All Behind”. With a beautiful and genuine country singer/songwriter sound, Laura Frank has found two of her singles in the top 10 on national radio stations down under. She’s constantly developing her career and pushing her boundaries by collaborating with other artists like Rob Torres of Trapt, Sarah McLeod of The Superjesus, and sharing the stage with recent superstar Tones and I. Supported by award-winning musicians on stage, Laura Frank is without a doubt a force in Australia’s music scene.

Her single “Leave It All Behind” is a captivating mid-tempo country tune, perfectly capturing Laura Frank’s broad vocal range and angelic harmonies. Her soft vocals enhance the song's delicate theme and offers beautiful yet subtle instrumentation supporting her natural voice. Soft acoustic guitar strumming and minimal melodic picking, overtop a steady yet soothing drum pattern. “Leave It All Behind” serves a personal message that is incredibly relatable to many people from all walks of life. The song provides a beautiful easy listening song with genuine lyrics that remind you of the good things in life, and what we all deserve.