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Laura Hickli Embraces The Eternal In, “Love, Outlive Me”

Calgary-based international touring baroque pop songstress Laura Hickli shares her vulnerable and existential thoughtscape in her latest music video for "Love, Outlive Me."

Laura Hickli is best known for dreamy, tightly arranged soundscapes, broad vocal range, evocative lyricism, and emotionally powerful performances. The classically trained pianist and award-winning recording artist are now making waves with the latest single off of her new record, 'Both Feet in the World, At Least I Can Stand.'

In the new single, "Love, Outlive Me," Hickli takes us through her thoughts after renouncing her childhood religion and no longer believing in the afterlife. She's found peace in "knowing that even though death will be the end for me, the love I share with my friends and family is eternal and will live beyond me," writes Hickli.

The song's music video puts a compelling visual to the scene. The video hauntingly opens with Laura Hickli trudging through a dark forest with a lantern, where she lands upon images of loved ones pinned up on trees surrounded by candles. There's a calming and wholesome feeling that comes with watching Hickli realize that love is an eternal force.

Later, we switch to scenes where Laura Hickli belts and melts over the piano while images of loved ones sweep by her like a tornado of memories. It's an incredibly cathartic experience, from Hickli submerging herself in the darkest of waters to immersing with a sliver of hope.

When you need a reminder of what's worth fighting for, throw yourself into the all-encompassing waters of Laura Hickli's latest single and music video for "Love, Outlive Me." Find the music video on Youtube and the single on all digital streaming platforms.

The music video is directed by award-winning filmmaker Calvin A. Jay.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Laura Hickli. We admire the deeply introspective and honest approach you've taken with your latest single and music video, "Love, Outlive Me." What experiences led you to create this cathartic single?

I had just returned to my hometown after living in a van touring North America in 2019. After 200+ shows and nearly a year on the road, the quiet calm of returning home for winter break allowed floods of emotion and memory to pour out of me. I began to recreate my sense of identity to fit the version of myself that I had become after experiencing so much on tour. 'Love, Outlive Me' is a song born out of that exploration of self, transcending time as I imagine who I think I will be when I'm nearing the end of my life and what values I'll hold true when finishing my final adventure.

What was your experience shooting the music video for "Love, Outlive Me?" What was your favorite part?

I was lucky to work with a huge team of passionate creators spearheaded by award-winning director/filmmaker Calvin A. Jay, a dear friend, and my sister Kerry's partner. Calvin and Kerry developed the story/visuals for 'Love, Outlive Me' and put together a solid crew who poured countless hours into the development, creation, and final production of the video. All I had to do was fly to Vancouver, eat yummy Krafty, and take a bath in pam. My favorite part, aside from visiting my sister, was the forest shoot. In one scene, I had to sing the words to ‘Love, Outlive Me’ at double the speed so they could get that dramatic slow-mo feel in editing. Anyways, our fog machine broke, so the team improvised, and suddenly there were about 5 people vaping fat hoots while I sang like Alvin and the Chipmunks in these massive Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine clouds. I don't know if it was the moment or the headrush, but I don't think I've ever felt more elated.

What was your vision for the visuals in the music video for "Love, Outlive Me?" What did you want the viewer to experience?

Calvin wanted to keep the visuals up to interpretation so that each person who watched it could satisfy and explore whatever feelings or ideas they got from it. I personally interpret the story as the intense journey of accepting death; reviewing one's life and relationships, facing the fear of the unknown, and ultimately finding peace in the proven truth that love is everlasting and will remain beyond the body.

How can listeners get to know you on a more personal level with your lyrics in "Love, Outlive Me?" How does this song represent you?

Though not literal, I was experiencing a sort of death when I wrote the song. The death of an identity I was finally ready to leave behind, one where I believed in a God. Since I was a young girl, I questioned the religion I was born into, though I still practiced it diligently for the majority of my life as it was trained into my perception of reality from an early age. The more I learned about myself, the world, history, and science, the more I began to realize that I had outgrown the person I once was and no longer felt I needed to adhere to their beliefs or conditioning. When writing this song, I really wanted to know how my imagination of death would have changed now that I had no after-life to consider. I was picturing myself on a deathbed, holding hands with someone I love who loves me back. I truly felt like my life was flashing through my eyes. I struggled during writing this song with those unanswerable, almost unfathomable questions and pain until I finally found a glimmer of hope that worked for the new me. Love. Love has always been there. Love has remained in my heart for the friends and family I've lost to death. There is proven evidence that love is everlasting where it was deeply shared. So love is what I decided to cling to and build my new belief system around.

What can listeners anticipate hearing next from you?

My upcoming record 'Both Feet In The World, At Least I Can Stand' released through North Pole Records on October 7, 2022. This somber and experimental record explores my departure from my childhood religion. From struggling with the fear of giving up my security and past identities to finding hope in accepting love to be my personal truth, this record is as honest as my beloved debut album. Still, it sparkles and screams in further intensity due to the growth I’ve had as an artist and person over the years. With songs recorded at the Banff Centre For Arts and Creativity and other various locations around Canada, this record features award-winning musicians, including world-class violinist Dr. Sungah Kim. It is produced by Western Canadian Music Award-Winning musician Taylor Cochrane. I look forward to sharing it with the world and hopefully connecting to other people like me who’ve walked away from a huge part of their past to step into the wild unknown.

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