Laura Kate Speaks From the Heart With “Sometimes I Fall”

From Devon, U.K., Laura Kate is a budding Americana, country, and indie singer/songwriter. She is a free spirit who enjoys traveling the world to pursue her favorite sports; surfing and sailing. Laura uses her love for nature as inspiration for her song lyrics. She aims to compare the elements and powers of nature with feelings of love and loss. With her new single “Sometimes I Fall,” Laura Kate poetically describes the back and forth of emotions during a relationship. Opening with a melody strummed by an acoustic guitar, “Sometimes I Fall” sets its relaxing tone early in the song. An electric guitar soon joins the instrumental as Laura Kate begins to sing with her delicate vocals. Once she reaches the chorus, the song starts to build in energy as the soulful and laid back percussion beat slows down. Lyrically, “Sometimes I Fall” is a story about the back and forth of emotions during relationships. Laura Kate sings about her feelings for a person causing her to be vulnerable and under their control. Her story is complicated, though easy to relate to for anyone who has experienced a relationship that feels good but might not be the best thing for them. By painting a picture with her lyrics, Laura Kate enables the listener to walk through the storyline with her and truly experience the emotions she is sharing. Laura Kate’s “Sometimes I Fall” is a relaxing song with a soulful story of a hopeless romantic trying to wade through an ocean of love.

Listen to "Sometimes I Fall" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Laura Kate! You touched our hearts with “Sometimes I Fall” by sharing your authentic truth. Can you tell us more about the message within your lyrics?