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Laura Loh Holds Hope For The Future In, "Morning Light"

Never failing to bring listeners into a better mood is UK-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Laura Loh with her latest inspirational single, "Morning Light."

Loh's music often spans genres like alternative pop, alternative folk, classical, and jazz, which she was able to craft from a young age with help from her musically-inclined family. After the release of her debut EP in 2020, 'Sunrise,' Loh landed some of her tunes on BBC Introducing as well as festivals like Weyfest, Westival, and ValeFest.

Her most recent single, "Morning Light," takes listeners through an uplifting and refreshing experience while Laura Loh sings her heart out and reminds us that brighter days are to come. Loh also released an equally lush music video that sees her on a UK rooftop basking in the morning light, patiently but happily awaiting a more fulfilling future.

Breaking down the single, "Morning Light," the experience opens with Laura Loh's vibrant and rich falsetto melodies alongside warm r&b-like drums that open the song with passion and serenity. As the tender alternative and folk-inspired instrumentals begin seeping through our speakers, Loh takes us through several passionate scenes of yearning for someone's love while staying hopeful that the future will serve her right.

We adore Laura Loh's soothing and bright vocal melodies, which are perfectly paired with the lush piano melodies and background keys to ramp up all the soul and passion possible. We're sure anyone will feel impressed with Loh's ability to transport the listener into such relatable yet hopeful scenes packed with optimism and faith.

Get up the right way and bask in the "Morning Light" with Laura Loh's latest single, now available on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Laura Loh. We truly appreciate the hopeful and inspirational feel within your latest single, "Morning Light." When did you feel inspired to create this sweet-sounding tune?

Thank you! I wrote “Morning Light” when I was feeling particularly positive and inspired. It’s about when you wake up with the sun shining, and you just have a feeling that it’s going to be a really good day. The light makes everything look golden, and it feels like nothing can bring you down from that high. The inspiration for the song started with the words ‘morning light,” and that’s the phrase I kept coming back to and tried to capture in this song. I actually created the instrumental track first and then wrote the vocal on top, which was a new way of writing for me.

What was it like collaborating with producer Joe Wright for "Morning Light"? Was he able to achieve the overall sound and feel you were looking for?

I’ve been working with Joe for a few years now, so we have a pretty good understanding of each other and the way we make music. He’s really great to collaborate with because he’s open-minded, creative, and so patient. “Morning Light” was a different experience for us though, because I came to him with a very clear idea of exactly how I wanted the track to sound. In the past, I’ve gone into the studio with an acoustic version of my song and been open to seeing how it turns out, but this time I was kind of steering us down a path. I loved exploring the production side of making music. I’d say we definitely achieved the sound and feel I was after.

What sort of moments or scenes did you want to capture with the music video for "Morning Light"? How does the video emphasize the song's meaning?

The inspiration for the video came from visiting my brother in London. London has so many cool rooftop gardens with beautiful views of the city and golden hour is especially magical. I reference “golden light” a lot in the lyrics, and it’s quite a carefree, uplifting song, so I wanted to capture that in the video. It was so cold when we filmed because we were on a rooftop, really early on a freezing, icy winter’s morning, and I remember shivering so much between takes. It was so much fun though because my brother filmed it, so I could share my musical world with him.

You've mentioned that "Morning Light" marked a new era for you. Could you explain why and how this song is the start of a new path for your music career?

“Morning Light” was my first time really delving into the production side of making music. I loved it so much that I’ve produced or co-produced every song I’ve written since. It was also a new way of writing songs. Even though I still write some songs with just a vocal and piano or guitar, I also write a lot of songs in this new way now (instrumental track first), which has allowed me to grow as an artist and as a songwriter. This song was a different sound and style from my previous releases, and creating it was such a fun experience that it influenced a lot of my music going forward.

What's next for you?

Lots of new music this year! I spent most of last year writing and producing, so I’m really excited for everyone to finally hear all these new songs I’ve been working on. During the lockdown, I bought some recording gear and set up a little home studio, and just got really inspired. “Morning Light” is a fun, uplifting, empowering song, and I hope it makes people feel good. I wanted to follow it up with something that shows a different side of me as an artist, so my next single is a little more vulnerable and personal. It touches on recovery and mental health, and I think it’s a song that a lot of people will be able to relate to and hopefully find some comfort in.


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