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Lauren Brabson Strikes Our Hearts With Her New Single, "Babe's Song"

Hailing from Barberton, Ohio, Lauren Brabson is an emerging folk singer-songwriter and a self-taught musician. Her songwriting finds acceptance in everyday life. Her vocals bring a sense of melancholy to her music. Her storytelling is deeply relatable, creating a solid connection between her and her listeners.

Lauren released her first single “Illinois” in 2019, followed by an EP called “Sad Girl Blues” in 2022. Her newest single, “Babe’s Song,” is a love story that highlights the desire to give love another chance. It displays Lauren’s cohesive and emotionally driven sound as well as her classic folk roots.

“Babe’s Song” opens up with beautiful classic guitar chords. Lauren’s dreamy vocals are introduced as was immediately inspired to lay back, relax and take in the soothing journey that the song provides. “I used to write love songs so blue, but now I’m writing songs about you.” A tale of being in love is sung to us, softly and patiently.

We catch on quickly to the catchy ouuu’s that Lauren sings and sings along as though we are sitting around a campfire. “It’s probably too early to say, You might even run away, but I’m willing to take that chance because you might be my last romance.” As bright as the song may sound, these lyrics hint at the fact that even though she is in love, she’s fully aware of how unpredictable love can be and does not expect it to work out perfectly.

However, she is being optimistic and hopeful about it, which in itself is beautiful. “Babe’s song” would fit perfectly in a romantic movie scene. We can easily hear this song becoming a part of the soundtrack of our lives. We are so excited to hear more from the brilliantly talented songstress Lauren Brabson.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Lauren Brabson! Congratulations on your new hit single, "Babe's Song"! We love how refreshingly timeless this song sounds. Can you please give us a minor breakdown of the exact moment or feeling that inspired "Babe's song" to be created?

Thank you so much! I'm so excited "Babe's Song" is out. The song was inspired by the first phase of falling in love. It can be a very delicate phase. You have interest and want to spend time with the other person, but you also have what you've previously been through weighing you down. "Babe's Song" was my experience of thought. It's about putting your heart out there to another person, but there's also the delicate moment of if that other person would want to.

In your song, you say, "I used to hate the way love made me feel, but then there's you, you caught me at the right time." After getting heartbroken, it is difficult to let go of that fear of it happening again. How important do you think it is to give love another chance?

When it comes to love or any relationship in my life, I'm a strong believer in second chances. It's not easy for anyone to be vulnerable, and when it comes to love, vulnerability is part of it. For someone to fall in love, get hurt, and be vulnerable enough to try again, I think that's incredibly brave and strong.

We're so curious to know how did your musical journey begin? When did you start writing songs?

I started off singing. Even though I was very shy, I don't remember a time when I didn't love it. I was involved in our church choir as early as possible. Around 9 or 10, I knew I wanted to be a songwriter. There was just something in me that compelled me to do it. As I went into my teenage years, I would write a lot of stories or phrases in notebooks. I was 16 when I first started playing guitar. Being self-taught, it's definitely been a journey.

How has growing up in Ohio impacted your music?

Growing up in Ohio, it's truly provided a lot of different inspirations, whether it's with my songwriting or music. We have a little bit of everything from small towns to huge cities and different people worldwide. Everyone has such different walks of life. The current music scene in the area alone is out of this world. There's nothing going on like it, and that is so inspiring.

What's next for you?

Looking forward, I have some really fun shows coming up through the Spring and into Summer. I'm also excited to start working on the full album. I have a lot of ideas for it right now, but I'm really trying to focus on being in the moment right now and celebrating "Babe's Song."


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