Lauren Hall Drops BRAND NEW Track “Rainy Day In The City”

Transcendent and eclectic artist Lauren Hall originally from Chicago is here to change to pop music scene. After college, Lauren realized her true musical passion and packed up her life and moved to LA. She performed at various venues doing covers, including a performance with the notable Jodi Mash, but soon decided to record her debut track. Her soulful lyricism and strong piano skill set are sure to have her rising to the top. Lauren Hall’s launch into the music industry is off to an incredible start with her new debut single out and a debut EP on the way later this year.

Released today, the new and debut single from Lauren Hall, “Rainy Day In The City”. The upbeat pop hit is sure to cheer anyone up on a rainy day. Lauren’s voice echoes through the speakers and her effortless talent is immediately evident. Her lyricism boasts years of experience as “Rainy Day In The City” takes you through a journey of the ups and downs of heartbreak. The powerful ballad is a song to dance or cry to, or both.. depending how heartbroken you are. Lauren belts out, “I’m sick of the games, I’m tired of the pain” as if an incredible realization that when heartbreak strikes it doesn’t mean we’ll feel that way forever. The toe-tapping track “Rainy Day In The City” is ironically danceable and upbeat while Lauren sings about being hurt and in pain and locking her heart up, but it works! Stay on the lookout for more explosive new music from the talented and brilliant, Lauren Hall.

Listen to “Rainy Day In The City” here and get to know more about Lauren Hall below!

Hi Lauren! Your voice is amazing, what age did you begin singing?

Hi! Thank you so, so much!

You know, I get asked this question all the time, but I’ve got to admit that I have no idea. What I can tell you is that I don’t remember a time where I wasn’t singing. I grew up with 2 wonderful parents who always had a deep love and appreciation for all different types of music. No matter what situation, music was always playing in the background. I distinctly remember being in the passengers seat of our car while my dad would take one extra lap around the neighborhood just to listen to his favorite tunes and sing them with me. I was about 12 years old, however, when I realized that my voice wasn’t just like everyone else’s; that it was special. On a whim, I auditioned for the middle school musical, and after my first performance on stage, I was immediately addicted to the feeling of singing for others. From then on, singing became my true passion.

For someone who has never seen you perform, what’s your live perform/stage presence like?

Sassy, confident, energetic, soulful, and full of surprises! I like to have a healthy mix of ballads, soulful, and upbeat songs to my sets. One song will make you cry and the next will make you want to get up and dance! I love including covers of classics that everyone knows like “At Last” or “Hotel California”, but with a soulful “LaurenHall” twist to it. I also really enjoy surprising people by throwing in songs of completely different genre’s and making them my own. I always make a point to connect with the audience and my fans in any way possible during my sets whether that’s during my set or in between songs. I’m always joking around; I never take myself too seriously. You never quite know what I’m going to say on stage, but that’s what makes it exciting :) 

Who is your all time biggest musical influence? Why?

I’d say that I have 2: Alicia Keys and Adele. Growing up, I idolized Alicia Keys. I was always in awe of her ability to sit at the piano, belt out a ballad or an upbeat pop song, and captivate an audience. She sings with so much soul, and that’s something I’ve always looked up to. 

When Adele came into the scene, there weren’t many alto powerhouse female vocalists in the music industry. It was like a breath of fresh air. I admire how she can step on a stage with nothing but a microphone and take the audience on a journey. Her vocals aren’t always perfect, but she never fails to pour her heart out when she sings. That’s what I aspire to do every single time I step on stage. 

We love your debut single “Rainy Day In The City”! Can you talk more about the meaning behind the lyrics? What’s your favorite lyric?

Thank you! I love it too!

Rainy Day in the City is about being in a relationship with someone who is half in-half out; someone who has led you on, but can’t commit and/or doesn’t know what he or she wants. I feel like this is something a lot of people can relate to. Now, although this is a sad, tough topic, this song is not necessarily sad. Yes, relationships like this are hard, but I want all my listeners and fans to know that they CAN and WILL get through situations like this. It is ok to feel; it’s ok to cry it out in your room! But, once you’re done crying, you’ve got to pick yourself back up, know your worth and what you deserve, and move on to bigger and better things! 

When can we expect your debut EP?

I’m aiming for December of 2019. I definitely want to take my time and make sure I don’t rush things, but I feel confident that 2019 will be a very exciting year so make sure to keep following my journey!


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