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Lava Dreams Sonically Explores Our Vast "Galaxies"

Gearing up to release her forthcoming self-titled album, Lava Dreams prepares us for the memorable sonic experience through a celestial single entitled "Galaxies."

Writing lyrics and melodies as a young child led Lava Dreams to form a band with her younger brother while in elementary school. Fast forward a few years; Lava Dreams has now released a critically-acclaimed 5-song EP, 'GOOD ENERGY + FOCUS,' while on the way to releasing her forthcoming self-titled 11-track album.

Tapping into her higher self with a lush new single, "Galaxies," Lava Dreams explores the sonic galaxies while familiarizing herself with her higher consciousness as a needed wake-up call. While pushing a smooth and groovy sonic atmosphere abounds our speakers, Lava Dreams leads us towards the dancefloor with her savory vocals and shimmering production.

"Galaxies" opens with Lava Dreams' warm vocals and a smooth electric guitar. As the crisp snaps make their way in, a pulsating array of drums pierces through our speakers with immense heart and passion. As Lava Dreams continues singing of exploring the many galaxies and realities that never fail to wow her, she leads us towards the fluid and groovy beat drop.

The pulsating sub-bass and synths give us this exhilarating feeling that gets us up and moving out of our seats and onto the dancefloor. While singing of allowing herself to be happy and tapping into her high consciousness, Lava Dreams holds our hands towards the outro with vast electronic tones that make for a stimulating and refreshing listening experience.

Soar amongst the many "Galaxies" with Lava Dreams' latest groovy single, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Lava Dreams, we adore the groove and vibe of your latest single, "Galaxies." What inspired you to write a track about being tapped into your higher self?

My energy has been particularly transformational over the past couple of years. I've been working on healing my traumas and shifting my thought patterns to be more positive. The more I invest in myself, care for, and love myself, the more I come into alignment with who I always knew I could be. "Galaxies" is about exactly that - discovering the balance and wholeness I've always had at my core, all along. Even in the darkest moments of my life, even when I didn't see or feel or know it, I always had that power inside me. This song is about celebrating and acknowledging the resilience we possess as human beings - our ability to learn, grow, and overcome. I believe we all have a higher self who knows best - who loves us truly and unconditionally. We only have to look within to start tapping into that.

Did you create the production yourself for "Galaxies?" How did you create the sonics to give off this celestial and space-like vibe?

My good friend and talented musician Duncan Burnett actually produced this song for me. I feel like the spacey vibes come from the dreamy color of both my voice and my guitar. Also in the verses, we left some space for the music to breathe, which created a lifting effect in my opinion. All of that in combination with the use of vocal delays, harmonies, and a wider mix helps make this song feel spacious and driving at the same time. We've also been known to throw in non-musical sound effects, which offer a surprising satisfaction and in this case added some atmospheric moments.

Regarding your lyricism within "Galaxies," did you want to evoke any thoughts or realizations within the listener? What did you want them to think and feel after taking a listen?

I usually feel very inspired when I'm writing a song. My lyrics are super personal and very intentional - That's because I've learned from experience that what you speak out loud has a lot of power. So, rather than writing music that perpetuates feelings of lack or fear, I choose to experience my lyrics as affirmations. I hope that when people listen, they can also experience those affirmations and feel empowered. I want them to feel the intention of the song in its entirety - in the beat, in the bassline, in every element and characteristic of the music - the intention permeates throughout every sound. I hope people can feel happy, inspired, and dancey when they hear it, just like I do!

Should we anticipate more spacey and otherworldly themes within your forthcoming album, 'Lava Dreams?' Do you have a release date for the record?

There are celestial references running throughout a lot of my music right now. I'm becoming an amateur astrologer and the more I learn about the stars and the planets, the more I see how they somehow relate to us. I'm really interested in the elemental energies and how they relate to society and human behavior. I'm also inspired by how deep and unique the birth chart is for each individual person. I'm feeling more and more like the stars are helping me understand and connect with people on a deeper, more meaningful, and more personal level. As for the Lava Dreams LP, you can expect a continuation of the spacey vibes and for the full album to be out by New Year's Eve.

What's next for you?

I'll be putting out a fresh single every month for the rest of the year. I'll also be dropping a new music video this fall for the fourth single, "Simple Magic", which I'm directing. In 2022, I'll hopefully be going out on tour and performing in cities I'll see for the first time. I've got plenty of new music just waiting to come out of me and I'm excited to keep growing, learning, and expanding through every experience.


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