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Lawd P Unleashes His Limitless Desire In a Dreamy New Track

The Brooklyn-hailing recording artist, rapper, and songwriter Lawd P highlights the atmospheric track, "r u n a w a y," off his latest 6-track EP, 'room essentials.'

Lawd P prides himself on his lyrical authenticity that brings originally to an industry in need of raw, timeless, and fearless artists. Lawd P was molded by Brooklyn's pre-gentrified and tough streets, shaping him into a prolific and sonically aware songwriter, rapper, and composer.

With influences like Jay-Z, Biggie, and Nas, it's no wonder why Lawd P creates incredibly dynamic and gripping pieces that top basic mainstream acts, especially his hit single, "r u n a w a y." The song is more than good; it's a sonic and lyrical mastery that takes listeners through Lawd P's constantly changing thoughts and emotions. The song's dreamy and hazy production allows P to shine bright in the spotlight.

Listening to "r u n a w a y," the track opens with a punchy and downtempo drum arrangement alongside transcendent background pads that float in the distance. As Lawd P jumps into the first verse, he begins to expand on thinking of someone day and night and wanting to offer all the love and respect they deserve. There's something about Lawd P's charisma and swagger that reminds us of acts like Joey Bada$$ and A$AP Rocky.

As he continues enlightening us on his limitless desire for someone special, the accompanying sonics lift our spirits into this passionate and sultry atmosphere. We love how Lawd P is able to jump into his bars with nothing but passion and energy while transitioning back into his poised and composed hook to emphasize the dynamic range of his heartfelt emotions.

Feel your heart skip a beat with help from Lawd P's latest hit, "r u n a w a y," off his 6-track EP, 'room essentials.,' available on all digital streaming platforms.

Congratulations on the release of your dynamic 6-track EP, 'room essentials.' What inspired this atmospheric and conceptual project?

Thank you. I was inspired by my experiences during this shift in 2019 & 2020. I'm still in the process of understanding what love means to me. My past relationships helped me to practice vulnerability and honesty. So I decided to tell my story unapologetically and give people a perspective on my journey through love and intimacy.

Regarding the track "r u n a w a y" off 'room essentials.,' what message or theme did you want to get across with your emotional lyrical content?

Runaway is one of my favorites because I wanted to be open and provide that honesty. In this specific art piece, I had an experience where I had to tell a woman I was dating at the time, I did not want to be with her. Gave her all the transparency which included my mindset, my trauma, and my goals at the time. It was uncomfortable for both of us. But it helped both of us to grow in our process.

How does "r u n a w a y" fit into the vibe and theme of 'room essentials.'? How does the track enhance the EP's overall concept?

Runaway fits into the vibe and theme of Room Essentials because the song is relatable. Some of these experiences I speak about are common in our community but we don't express ourselves enough. I think self-reflection helps me to see my process so I can determine right from wrong which helps me to become the best version of myself.

Would you say that the 'room essentials' EP is your most personal and vulnerable project to date? How does it stand out from your other releases?

I could say so. I'm tackling a story that we all talk about on a consistent basis. LOVE! so it was only right to speak about my experiences. This EP stands out from my other body of work because the approach is different. Sonically, lyrically, and conceptually different.

What's next for you?

Maybe a Room Essentials part 2, Man I don't know. Whatever art piece makes me the best version of myself. I could fuck with that.


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