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Lay Back in the Sweet Sounds of Prim4l’s Wavy Record, “Fooling Myself”

Prim4l is the recording alias of Sashwat Prakash Borah, a multi-instrumentalist, DJ, and music producer hailing from the City of Guwahati, Assam, in India.

Specializing in chill house and chill pop music, he has been a music producer for the past four years, accumulating over 1.5 million streams on all platforms. Exclusively part of No Binary Records, this music label ignites the power of their community, having created alternate methods and DIY approaches to organize events and find sustainable streams of income for supporting independent artists in pursuing their art.

With Prim4l's intimate new soundscape titled "Fooling Myself," we're welcomed into a universe of intricacy that resides in the production quality conveyed. The lively vigor transmitted through this masterpiece makes it nearly impossible to sit still as we take "Fooling Myself" in for all its worth.

The elements of tame ease that sizzle throughout the impeccable blend of enthusiasm is a sonic cocktail that stirs up the best in us. With an exhilarating nature that has us embracing our thoughts openly, our minds get transported to a place of exploration in a tranquil jungle of curiosity.

What we experience as we delve into this record is an irreplaceable feeling. The compelling essence that sways us into the abundant guitar riffs and buttery vocalization of Prim4l conjures up a myriad of notions that clasp onto our being as we get lost in the flawless execution of the song before us. Allowing us to admire the peaks and valleys present in the artistic terrain, the overall soul of "Fooling Myself" has us instantly adoring the allure that comes with it.

As we eagerly press the repeat button, this buoyant therapy session trickles into what we call a captivating bop.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Prim4l. We love the energy that you convey in "Fooling Myself." Could you please shine a light on the significance that this song holds to you?

Fooling Myself is a journey in search of the inner meaning of myself. It's a question that the dreamer asks itself, is everything around me a fantasy, a mirage of sorts, and asking whether I'm fooling Myself. It's a dilemma that a dreamer like me finds themselves in.

What do you allow to influence your signature sound? How have you found this sound evolving with your growth during the past four years?

To be perfectly honest, I am still in search of my signature sound. I don't let myself be bound by the walls of genre. I like to consider myself genre-fluid. And as I said prior I'm still in search of the signature sound, but I truly believe my signature sound would be based somewhere towards the mellow side of music, perhaps a midway junction between electronic Synth and acoustic elements, like downtempo pop.

Compared to previously released tracks, how does "Fooling Myself" share similarities and stand apart from the rest of your music catalog?

My forte in music has always been towards the chill tropical side of music. I think that is one similarity that Fooling Myself has with my previous release. The unique aspect of Fooling Myself is the fact that the song is more instrumental-oriented, where the focus on the music is more than on the vocals.

What has been your biggest takeaway from 2021?

The biggest takeaway from 2021 has to be that good things take time. You cannot strive for perfection and success overnight. It accumulates over years and years of work. Another thing that 2021 has taught, all be it not something pertaining to my career as an artist, is the importance of family and friends.

What's next for you?

To be honest, I have no idea what lies in the future for me. I am working on a couple of singles right now, hopefully, one of them will be out soon. I am trying out different genres, so there will be more genre-fluid songs out soon.


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