Lazy Reveles Becomes Vulnerable With A Vibrant Delivery In “Anxiety”

Lazy Reveles was born in South El Monte California right outside Los Angeles. His family moved to Greensville South Carolina when he was simply just 5 years old. He’s always been a shy individual up until he began creating music. He didn’t take it seriously up until the year 2015 and 2016. It was then he created a rap group alongside his friends titled 2Shadesofdope. Although the group still exists, they decided to do solo music as well since Lazy Reveles moved to Atlanta for various personal reasons. With 4 songs released in the past couple of months on various platforms, he’s dropping the 5th record on the 12th of July!

We took a listen to “Anxiety” by Lazy Reveles and we loved everything about this record. The message was deep and powerful, but the delivery and vibe were delightful and more upbeat. The uptempo production of the beat sets off the colorful aesthetic of the song while the lyrics were more personal and spoke about multiple topics that many people, unfortunately, go through themselves. There are not many songs that discuss the theme of “Anxiety” therefore this record was much needed to touch those who feel as if there isn’t enough representation of the feelings they go through. “Anxiety” is a highly relatable track with a vibrant energy that exudes through the bright melodic beat to its listener. 

Give a listen to "Anxiety" here, and continue reading for Lazy Reveles' interview with BuzzMusic!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Lazy Reveles! How was it growing up in South Carolina? In what ways has your environment impacted your style?

It was cool.. I was different from all the other kids (being the only Mexican kid) Im glad to have been brought up in that environment.. It showed me more than what I was raised around in my house.. I embraced the hip hop culture easier down than I would've in California.

Who would consider some of your influences and inspirations for pursuing music and in what ways have they inspired you?

I have a wide range of musical influencers.. From Outkast to Lil Wayne.. And from Michael Jackson to The Beatles.. I grew up on oldies so anything Motown.. Even some rock with Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Sublime.

What’s the main message in “Anxiety”? Were there any specific moments in the lyrics you felt best highlighted this?

The song is about anxiety.. And the struggles of having an anxious moment.. I wanted to put that feeling on a track.. So people who suffer from anxiety can relate.

In what ways were you able to personally relate to “Anxiety?”

I am an anxious person at times.. And I know  others who have it worse than me.. So one day I just thought of making a song dedicated to that.

What’s next for you Lazy Reveles?

I am releasing another song on 7-12.. Got visuals coming soon.. So be sure to be on the  lookout for that.. All my social media accounts are lazyreveles.. That's for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.


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