LC Loney Child Teams Up With Breana Marin To Release “Shadows”

LC Lonely Child is an American artist and born and raised in East Saint Louis, IL but now resides in Portland, OR. Strong lyrics and a plethora of passion describe LC Lonely Child. “Otha Side of Da Water”  by LC Lonely Child is his freshman album and available on Apple Music. LC recently dropped another single Entitled "My Habit” featuring BWA's own OG Boobie Black! Stay tuned for more.

LC recently released his new single “Shadows” ft. Breana Marin and his mixtape “Izzuez We All Got Em Vol1”! Out now. Fine production lets the various intricacies and the underlying energy shine as brightly as possible. To compare “Shadows” to the bulk of indie hip-hop releases from the past year or so, is to note that there’s a definite level of professionalism and impressive talent combined. “Shadows” is an easy hit, genuinely well-crafted and a breath of fresh air for the alternative playlist. Adding to the natural brightness of this release is the fact that there is also far more to LC than just music. Absolutely an artist worth supporting, especially when the music is of such high quality.

Check out “Shadows” Ft. Breana Marin here and read more with LC Lonely Child below! 

Hey LC! Welcome to BuzzMusic! What does your track “Shadows” represent for you? What was the creation process for this song?

Shadows is a track that hit home with everything going on! This last year was pretty good to me so u find it that it’s always people waiting for your downfall so they can come up! It’s always somebody in your business more than you, you know. It’s also let’s that person know that no matter what it a never happen , due to the fact that I’m always ten steps ahead! 

What do you hope your listeners take away from your music?

The truth! I have up beat music but I also love to slow it down a bit. It’s always a message in my lyrics. Now, I do make music that I’m just having fun but for the most part I try to create music that would make my listeners think! Everything I do comes from my heart. Ain’t no other way! 

If you had to pick just one of your tracks to adequately describe your sound, which track would you choose and why?

I would say My song Addicted , it just shows me in full affect. Upbeat tempo , I got to swag it out a bit but still deliver a message that a make you replay it and be like “ok he talking bout some s**t.” I had fun with that song to the point I went over it numerous times!  

What inspired you to write “Shadows”?

Dreamlifebeats produced the track and he teamed up with Breana Marin for the hook so she was a big inspiration of the song. When I heard the joint I was like “Ok this is my life you know” like I truly connected with it. I laced the joint maybe a few days after I wrote it and now we here. 

What’s next for you through the end of 2019?

My EP/Mixtape Series called Izzuez “We All Got Em” Vol1 will release on October 1st. Other than that big promoting and marketing this project. I think artist ignore this portion of the industry . So I’m taking time to really push this project so the world can really be forced to pay attention on this new wave in music! I want my sound to shine and it’s only one way to do that! 

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