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LDYKLR Shows Off Their Rock Ability With “Find Someone”

Front woman Madison is bringing her hearty mezzo-soprano voice front and center on LDYKLR’s newest single “Find someone”. Chugging guitars and pounding drums add the drama to this track and the delivery of soaring lyrics pull you in. Madison has a way of grabbing your attention with her voice, it’s on spotlight and her voice is the loudest instrument on display. “Find someone that you can’t compare to the ones you’ve had before, the ones you never will”; lyrics like that take you on a journey through loves sometimes darker side. The band hits all the right notes to create an atmosphere around the song that hooks you in and are right there searching along with the lyrics.

LDYKLR is an alt-rock based in LA who have been revitalizing the local rock scene over the past two years. LDYKLR (short for lady killer) is comprised of 5 talented musicians: Madison (vocals), Nick (drums), Jesse (base), Josh and Elijah on guitar. The group is currently working hard in studio writing and recording their debut EP slated for release later this year. “Find Someone” hits the air waves today!

Listen to "Find Someone" here and get to know more about LDYKLR below!

Hello LDYKLR! Thank you for speaking to Buzz Music. Can you tell our readers a bit more about yourselves and how you came together to form LDYKLR?

Well we didn’t come together in a very typical way at all.  I (Madison) had just finished recording a solo EP with the intention of using that to create a band and recruit musicians who had the same interests as me and dug the sound.  I posted a couple ads on Craigslist and other “find musicians” sites and hoped for the best. Eventually it became the four of us for about a year with me playing guitar as well, but we knew there was something missing.  Josh was playing bass with us because he really loved the music, but he was a guitarist first, and I wasn’t.  I had been in contact with Jesse since starting the band, and finally asked if he was looking for another group to play bass in.  From there Josh moved to guitar and I could just focus on the singing.  We’ve been a five piece since November of 2018 and we have been writing like crazy.  We definitely found what we needed and it’s been so helpful towards our creative process.  Before we were struggling with finding our “sound”, but it’s so nice now for us all to be on the same page and know exactly what we want as a band.

Can you tell us the meaning of Find Someone?

This single Madison actually wrote about six years ago.  It’s gone through so many different styles from arrangement to how it’s produced, and we love where it landed.  It was actually on her solo EP she used create the band, and it’s changed so much since then to show each of our individual styles as a band unit.  “Find Someone” is an emotionally driving ballad about a toxic relationship that everyone around you knows it’s toxic except for you.  It’s in the perspective of a girl having everyone around her telling her that it’s not right, but she just doesn’t understand or see what they mean.  This changes in the bridge of the song as it’s describing someone saying “you deserve more” until finally she realizes “I deserve more”.  The song encourages you to take time, don’t rush it, and find the person that won’t even compare to anyone before or potentially would be in the future.  I think a lot of people have been in that relationship that you’re so blind to while you’re in it, but the second you get out it all becomes so clear.  That time of being stuck in it is hard for everyone around you, and is really difficult to overcome.

What does the bands creative process look like?

We’ve really worked hard to hone in on our creative process.  Just in the past few weeks we’ve written 5 new songs, and are so excited for that.  A lot of times Madison will bring in lyrics that she’s writing or an overall idea, and then we’ll all just start jamming on it until something clicks.  Sometimes Nick and Jesse will start with a really cool beat and bass line, or Josh and Elijah will be playing with different dueling guitars.  It all just depends on the day really.  A lot of times what we start with becomes completely different than how we planned it or heard in our head, which I think speaks a lot to how different our styles and influences are but how well they all work together.

What can we expect to hear from your EP out later this year?

You can expect a lot of badass music!  Our writing has become more and more focused and we can NOT wait to show everyone what we have coming.  Our lead guitars are very ambient and synth-like while our rhythm guitars stay crunching and driving.  The bass line is always moving and has a touch of funk which ads such a cool tone to the music.  The drums are fat leave nothing to be desired, and the vocals are powerful and soaring.  We’re so proud of the sound we’ve created.  Each member gives it their all and we hope that shows through in each song we record.  You can expect some really fun moody songs, some “belt in your car” ballads, some emotional rollercoasters, we’re really just running you through the gamut of feels.

What are you hopeful for the next year?

We LOVE playing live.  All we want to do is put on a great show, so we’d say we’re hopefully for more opportunities to reach bigger audiences.  We’d love to travel more and continue to meet people that really connect with our music.   At the core of it we just want to keep making music that speaks to people for whatever they might be going through.  We want to be that release for people to escape to and let go.  And make them headband.  There’s always that too.


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