Leap Into Genuine Emotions With Tezzy's Latest EP

Chicago storyteller Tezzy incorporates his upbringing into his music. Growing up on various sides of the city, his music is a blended depiction of the various neighborhoods he has lived in, and the experiences he has lived out.

Aiming to make people feel with my music he crafts, Tezzy most certainly tugs at our heartstrings with the latest six-track EP, 'From My Heart, to Your Ears.'

Allowing us to soak into the emotive offerings of this project, we immediately get ushered into a divine sense of conscious thoughts in the EP’s first song “Tough Luck.” The name of this record speaks for itself. We hear Tezzy provide us with a heartfelt performance that reiterates the trials and tribulations he’s faced in the reality that he calls life. Transitioning between impactful bars that weigh a ton, to a melodically cascading outro, Tezzy takes our emotions and seamlessly blends them with an array of sentiments personal to himself.

Second, on the tracklist, we get to digest the copiously harmonious essence of “Give Me You.” From kicking the arrangement off with a soul-infused sample that eases us into the bass-forward energy surging from the roots of this piece, we get a side of Tezzy that is equally as vulnerable, yet open to expose a different sector of his life for all to hear. The intensified manner in which the lyrical motifs embed themselves into your mind is the sign of a courageous artist that knows how to approach their craft. As Tezzy approaches this track with a hunger in his vocals, we bob our heads to the tempo in a mesmerized fashion.

“My Baby - Freestyle,” has us appreciating the downtempo, sweet moments that Tezzy explores within his artistic versatility. With lyrically swift cadences gracing our speakers in a melismatic manner, we take in the depth of what Tezzy is performing. Delving into a narrative where he reiterates a love story that has its ups and downs, the relatability that is captured in this song remains familiar at a heightened level. Reaching the halfway point of 'From My Heart, to Your Ears,' we come to realize just how all the dimensions of Tezzy’s thoughts break into a barrier that presents him in an unalloyed way.

As we take it to the enticingly gripping sounds of the fourth song on the tracklist, “Let Freedom Ring,” picks up the bolstered atmosphere just as quickly as Tezzy guides us into a soothing realm. With a piano forward instrumentation that exudes the consistent waves of a structured foundation, the spellbinding quintessence of Tezzy comes in at full force with how he chooses to exude his lyrical dexterity. Spinning a web of versatility in this EP, Tezzy has a knack for playing with words in a witty way that has us saying; run that back. Locked into how he has his audience gravitating towards each musical layer before us, we’re vibing on the energy he continues to pour out.

“You Say,” brings life to the atmospheric ambiance that simmers in a stew of heartrending moments. Projecting the bass elements over a vocal sample that serenades us deep to our core, the profound nature of “You Say,” has us soaring in a dimension that flaunts the heavy-hitting roots of Tezzy, all while backing it with the vulnerable confidence he wears so well. As we breathe in the refreshing composition as a whole, we know that Tezzy is no stranger to riding the wave of a beat. Navigating us through the poignant storylines he remains eager to share, we love learning about what Tezzy has to offer the world.

Coming to the last song on 'From My Heart, to Your Ears,' the undeniably soothing captivation of “Mama (Sing to You),” trickles into our speakers. From the moment this song starts, we are greeted with the acapella harmonies that fill up the sonic progressions in a way that makes us fully committed to what’s to come. Once Tezzy touches down and gives us every last ounce of passion within him, we hear how he drives the harmonic factor of the instrumentation to work with his prevailing tone. In this EP, we get all of that and a little more.

The continuous drive to propel his heartfelt nature in a way that reflects his wide range of influences that have helped to shape his own unique style. If you’re in the market for an expedition that sonically embraces your own lifestyle, we suggest listening to 'From My Heart, to Your Ears,' today.

Hello Tezzy, thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the release of this earnest body of work. With a name like 'From My Heart, to Your Ears,' what is the concept laced into this EP?

The whole concept of the EP was to talk about things that were heavy on my heart or heartfelt. I wanted the EP to be emotional, I wanted people to feel what I felt while creating the songs. I wanted people to journey into my heart and feel what I felt when I went through those situations that the songs stem from.

We found that each song perfectly fit in its respective place! What’s the method that you used to structure your tracklist? Were there any songs that didn’t make the cut in the end?

I wanted the EP to flow effortlessly. So I listened to about 12 songs over and over again and I picked the 6 that I felt were best for the message I was trying to put out in this moment and time. I picked from 12, but there were about 40 different tracks to choose from, so a large number of songs got left out for another project.

Out of the six tracks we hear and love, do you happen to have one song that resonates with you more than the rest? Why?

The song that resonates with me the most is “Give me you” that was the song that when it was being created it flowed, it only took me one take and I knew exactly what I wanted to say and how to say it, the instrumental spoke to me and told me exactly what to do.

In terms of what listeners can take away from the project, what are you hoping they feel and witness?

I hope that listeners walk away with a better understanding of who I am and what I feel as a person. In a lot of my songs I talk about worldly issues I think this is one of the first times I really reeled it in and talked about things that immediately affect me.

What’s your mission statement as an artist?

My mission statement as an artist is to always be genuine and talk about the things I know and can relate to that way it never sounds forced or fabricated. It’s so many things that I’ve been through in life that I’ve yet to talk about but then I think it’s billions of people in the world it could be people out there who went through this or is going through this that need to hear this.