Learn About the Hustle in Marko Marz’s Release “Too Saucy"

Marko Marz is a Smithfield based Hip-Hop artist whose artistic journey began when he began recording demo's just off of his phone and then releasing them online. Marko has a unique style to his music that has quickly gained the attention of the industry. Since making waves with his original voice memos, Marko has been working on fresh new sounds for his upcoming EP 'Outer Space.' To keep the fans busy, he released his singles "Been Thru," Easy Your Mind" and is now showing off to the world his latest attitude friendly single "Too Saucy."

"Too Saucy" is full of attitude and style. Instantly as it begins, we are introduced to Marko's vocals that grabbed our attention. Marko pulled us into a profound verse where he tells us about the hustle to make it in the world and how nothing will be given to you. Marko has a whole mood going on, and it is something that we can completely vibe with. "Too Saucy" features an almost lo-fi 808 drum kit that acts as a solid backbone for an incredibly dynamic vocal performance from Marko to take place overtop. His performance is full of clever telephone delay throws that seem to pop out of our speakers and pull us in before Marko's tight lights push us out and create this incredible push and pull feeling that gets our heads bobbing back and forth. This is a release that we can't stop vibing out to and think that everyone would be able to pick something from it to enjoy.

You can find “Too Saucy” here.

Hey there Marko Marz! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We felt that your release “Too Saucy” tells us about how you have to hustle in life to make it somewhere. What did the song mean to you when you began writing it? What about now?

Too Saucy was created from good vibes in the studio, it truly means a lot to me. It means hard work and when I wrote it I knew it was going to actually mean something genuinely and not just be something meaningless. Now that the song is out on all platforms, the feedback that I've been getting from my fans has been amazing. I will continue to explore this sound and include it in my mixtape coming soon called Outer Space.

Starting out using just voice notes and SoundCloud you have definitely come a long way, do you still use voice notes to put ideas down? What does your writing process typically look like?

From time to time I will use voice notes, but normally I just go to the studio and record hits. Typically when writing I will normally sit in my car and pick through beats that producers sent me and write to the best one, I usually start with hooks and if I really feel the song, I’ll write the verse then too If not I’ll come back to it, or freestyle it when I record.

Within “Too Saucy” there are there dynamically shifting delay throws, what inspired you to create these? Were these part of the original writing ideas?

I was with my cameraman JB, and he said “You’ve got a real unique voice it’s different, but I feel like there are things you can do with your voice that you don’t know. You just got to get in the studio and try different stuff.” So, I did just that and added some sauce. Too saucy was actually one of the songs I didn’t write, so everything was created off the vibe.

Your music seems to draw inspiration from a variety of different styles, do you have any specific idols that you look up to search for new musical ideas? Do you have any writing partners that help you create music?

Growing up in D.C and North Carolina gave me my own sound so I don’t have any specific idols that I look up to for musical ideas, I just create my own wave. I do not have any writing partners, I write all of my music and create my own sounds.

What are you doing to keep busy during these times?

I’m staying busy during these times running my family-owned business, and my music label. I also stay busy with entertainment such as being in the studio, shooting videos, photoshoots, and working out.