Learn How to Rise up with SavageRaww’s Latest Hit, “Flexxing”

Coming from deep within Las Vegas is the Rap artist and songwriter SavageRaww, who specializes in creating music that has concise motivational lyrics, energetic performances with a slight hint of aggression, and getting his point across with every song. Since winning local showcases and then getting a sync placement in the upcoming film Get Up Joe, SavageRaww constantly strategizes on ways to accomplish more prominent and more challenging goals. This is true in his latest release, “Flexxing” which was produced by GibboBeats.

“Flexxing” opens up with an esoteric guitar line, where SavageRaww hits us with heart-pounding drums. We can’t help but feel we were taken to a party. There’s a fantastic little swing happening to the vocals; they feel both tight and loose, this creates an organic feeling to every one of SavageRaww’s lyrics that is perfectly complemented by the raw tone of his voice. From start to end, “Flexxing” is a record that showcases SavageRaww’s story of hustling forward past all of the fake people to rise above and show the world who he is. Not letting anything slow him down, SavageRaww will always aim to give 110% to his fans no matter the circumstances. We can’t wait to hear what else is coming from SavageRaww’s journey.

You can listen to “Flexxing” here.