Learn More About Peace in Zacc P’s Latest Single “In My Ends"

ZaccP is an Orlando born artist whose history spans across a vast amount of the entertainment industry from acting to singing. Since beginning his career as an artist, ZaccP has achieved over 10M streams, achieved top 40 status on mainstream radio across several states, and has achieved recognition from industry-leading websites. Using his voice once again to move the people, ZaccP recently released his statement of a single “In My Ends” and his powerful songwriting definitely comes through and shines in this one.

“In My Ends” opens up with an optimistic intro that pulls us into the music. Once the main glitchy beat comes in, we were completely blown off of our seats as we were told the story of how people are struggling on the streets and the lack of peace going on in the world is making things difficult for everyone.

“In My Ends” features an evolving hip-hop drum beat that switches from a straight beat to a more glitchy style each section, a harmonica-like riff that holds a hook in the chorus,  lo-fi moody synths that sit in the back to give a sparse yet ethereal atmosphere, and then ZaccP’s eclectic vocals that switch between a flowing rap to a more spoken-word style that keeps us at the edge of our seats waiting to hear what he tells us next. This is one of those important records that sheds light on a lot of current events and we feel that everyone should take a listen to it and learn something new. 

You can listen to “In My Ends” here.