Learn More About the Struggles of Life in Syde A’s Newest Release “Dim The Lights”

Syde A is a New York-based R&B artist whose art is created on the essence of the average person, allowing for the inner city minority and community to reflect and connect deeply with his lyrics. The music by Syde A is for the people who are barely getting by, going paycheck to paycheck, and hopes that his music will be able to give them hope. This is especially true in his vibing new release, “Dim The Lights.” “Dim The Lights” is one of those songs when from the moment it begins, you’ll be thrown into an entirely new world. With the help of ambient pianos, synths, vocals, and then a heavy hip-hop drum kit, we are transported to a mystical but familiar setting. Syde A comes to deliver perfectly elegant verses that made us want to stick around and see what happens next. There’s a profoundly personal story happening in Syde A’s lyrics happening too, in “Dim The Lights” we got the story about trying to discover your place in an ever-changing world and this was perfectly complemented by the instrumentation. As the tune progressed, we transitioned into what felt like a B side in the second verse that we dare not to spoil, and we think that everyone should listen to it themselves and discover what happens next in his story. Experience Syde A’s story here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Syde A! We couldn’t help but feel a deeply personal story going on in “Dim The Lights”, is there a personal connection to the lyrics? What was the inspiration behind each verse? Thank you much for having me! Well “Dim The Lights” most definitely is connected to me on a personal level; I always try to keep my music as realistic as possible because I love that my content could be relatable to people, it makes that connection more genuine in my opinion. Could be the whole song or it could be a single bar but I just know that when I speak that ‘real’ somebody is gonna hear it and feel it; my inspiration for the whole song and ANY song I pen is just how I’m feeling at the time, but with DTL personally I was just thinking of events and situations past and present...think I wrote the whole song in 30-40 minutes.

The instrumentation has a very sweet sound to it that beautifully compliments your performance, did you ever face any challenges when coming up with the beat? What was that whole process like? The beat was crafted by this Canadian producer Manny Manhattan and he did a hell of a job with the sampling too! How I receive the beat was crazy; I pulled up on a friend of mine name Tempah one day while she was working on her project or whatever and she came across that specific beat in her stash; and I, thanks to my mom, I’m a HUGE 90’s R&B fan especially most importantly a Mary J Blige fan; so when I heard the sample I just started rapping and making the crazy screw faces and she just passed the beat along to me; I think she knew that was a perfect fit for me.

It’s really something special when music is written from a real-world perspective, what had made you want to write music this way? How do you want the audience to take in and react to your music? I just hate being lied to if that makes any sense, so I try to keep everything as honest as possible in my music it’ll make me feel better knowing I didn’t have to front; I just feel like a lot of artists whether mainstream or underground just be spitting fabricated stuff and that’s cool for them if that’s their preference, but me as a fellow artist and a music fanatic I most definitely can tell when something doesn’t add up; I’m very attentive in entertainment on both ends. I question that a lot; like had I would’ve stretched certain details in my songs or rap about stuff I wouldn’t, don’t do or rap about material possessions I don’t have; I most likely would’ve popped right? Because I guess that’s like the cool shit to do nowadays...especially in the underground world most of these people do a lot of front but be real-life backed up with bills. I get the whole fake it to you make it thing but I actually rather my audience to see my growth before their own eyes and when I reach a higher level they’ll KNOW for sure I came a long way and therefore I can brag if I want to.

Being from New York, do you think that you have adapted some of the sound of the city to your music? Or do you try to break free from that sound and do something your own? What are some ways you try to keep unique?

It’s only right! New York City and especially my borough of the Bronx; those being the Mecca of hip-hop I most definitely felt the need to incorporate the sound of my city in my music but with my own spin on it. Although my style is versatile a majority of my catalog is personal and in-depth and I rap with a certain amount of grittiness in my voice and my city is well known for grit since way back when! It's a tough town! But I mean now with the grit it’s a different sound now but you can tell it’s there especially if you’re from here. So yeah I definitely think I adapted some sounds of NYC I just keep it unique to me by just being super personal and open like I love to give the audience 110% me as much as I could. What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

Got the “Dim The Lights” video currently directed by Director Gambino; yeah being that 2020 is my comeback year, I’ve been absent from music for about 3 years; just been dealing with a lot of personal issues you know how that goes. I took it upon myself to challenge my rap capability and challenged myself to go harder so I have 2 projects dropping this year. Got my small entertainment contribution to hold people down during the pandemic with this EP “Take It Easy” releasing sometime in May; it just consists of a small bunch of unreleased songs and then I’m already working on mixtape number 5 which is untitled right now maybe a Fall 2020 release. I’m on a bunch of features “Sleeping With My Demons” with my guy Signz; that’s available for stream everywhere, got a track on my guy Truly UrzZz upcoming project, been working on a bunch of peoples stuff I can’t remember names, also want to get a podcast going when I have downtime as well so yeah busy me right?!


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