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Learn to Dance in the Rain Life Brings with Raisinbran's Latest Body of Work

Indianapolis rapper, singer, and producer Raisinbran lives by the motto grow with the flow.

Fresh off the release of his second album titled, ‘E.A.R.T.H.,’ the body of work was written and produced independently by the unique talents of Raisinbran himself. Out of the 12 songs that can be found in the collection, listeners will find that each song connects humans and nature together in an exclusive manner. With every song being vastly different from the last in correlation, Raisinbran’s audience has a treat in store for them.

In the flourishing resonance that emits calming tenors sitting uniquely in the mind, we have the second song featured on ‘E.A.R.T.H.’ “Life Is a Rainforest,” captures a warm embrace that is radiated in the conveyance that Raisinbran uses in order to invite his fan base into his vividly cultivated universe.

The lyrical depth that trickles from his emcee-coated verses has us floating in a medley of abstract and direct wording that plays upon his talents as a wordsmith. In the musical arrangement freely flowing through our speakers, the raindrops heard represent the struggles that people go through in their life. Although uncomfortable, the struggles are essential for development; in the same way that the rain is vital for growth.

The contrast of the melodic hues conveyed in “Life Is a Rainforest” dribble off of each production element allowing its presence to be known as the track advances. As Raisinbran continues to be forward with his messaging, we admire the graceful skills he embodies to portray vivid illustrations that interpret his carefully crafted words.

Allowing listeners to feed on the concept that we can’t stress over what we can’t control, but we can control how we react to it, he places the faithfulness of his quintessence in God, providing all with shelter along the way.

We love the message that you send out in, “Life Is A Rainforest.” What prompted the album concept of having each song connect both humans and nature together?

Thank you! A couple of years back and some of my best friends drove from Indianapolis to the Pacific Ocean. We stopped in multiple states on the way and took time to enjoy each scenery. During this trip, the idea of making an album that connected humans to nature just came to me.

Did you find that the creative process of “Life Is a Rainforest,” differed from the other songs that you placed on the album? Could you please elaborate?

Life Is a Rainforest was actually the first song I made for the album. It was the first song I completely produced on my own so it’s very special to me. It definitely set the tone for how I made the rest of the album.

What is the main messaging that you are hoping to send out to your fan base as an artist?

The main message I want to send out to my fan base is that God is always with us and he is working in our lives in indescribable ways.

How have you found growth forming in areas of your artistic career?

I have grown so much since my last project! I took the time to learn how to produce and started taking my music more seriously. Most importantly I started getting serious about trying to make music that can help other people rather than myself.

What's next for you?

Album number 3 is next! After I take some time to relax of course.


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