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Interview: "Boom" By 6 Speed Supernova

Welcome to BuzzMusic, 6 Speed Supernova! We’ve heard that the group serves an eclectic mix of Rock, Funk, and Jazz within your music. What made 6 Speed Supernova want to hit back with the hard-hitting Rock n’ Roll anthem “Boom”?

We miss instruments in modern music.  We love DJs and encourage experimentation with electronic additions to tracks, but we really wanted to remind people that the music those DJs and a lot of current artists are sampling is the result of the blood, sweat, and true talent of musicians who actually play instruments!  We wanted to ring that notion home with the power vocals, pounding drums, eclectic bass line, and shredding guitar that you hear in BOOM!

Your single “Boom” captures intricate melodies and complex instrumentation. Between the four-piece that is 6 Speed Supernova, could you share how the bands creative/songwriting process went about for your single “Boom”?

BOOM was actually the first song that 6SS wrote as a group.  As is normally the case, either guitarist David or bassist Joan will come in with a song idea or a riff progression that they've been working on and present it to the band.  If it immediately makes us feel something, we play with it, twist, and tweak it adding drums and vocal melodies until we get it to a place where we feel it was meant to be all along.  Guitarist David brought the idea of BOOM to the group.  Singer Marie, who is David's sister, immediately understood what the vocal should sound like and the song, as sometimes happens, actually came together quite quickly, which we like to think was a great sign of chemistry and things to come.

Speaking on 6 Speed Supernova’s (6SS) genre influences, 2/4 members have an intense background in Jazz. How does this help 6SS experiment beyond the realm of Rock, and bring unique elements to your sound?

Having two of our four members with roots in Jazz (although they are well-rounded musicians in numerous genres) is great because it gives our songs a flavor you don't normally get to experience in rock music.  The tracks tend to be driven by the groove and having a rhythm section that speaks the same musical language makes songwriting a lot more fluid because they instinctively know where the other is headed.

Not only has 6 Speed Supernova opened for Steven Adler of Guns N’ Roses, but your single “Boom” was also chosen by Classic Rock Magazine for “Best of The Year, So Far, 2019”! With these accomplishments at hand, what do you want to say to our readers about how 6SS intends to use their established platform, and what messages do you want to serve as a group?

We were thrilled and honored by the response to our EP - ALL ABOARD THE LIGHT RAIL.  Every musician dreams of having their songs noted in a top industry publication and being able to play alongside the greats like Guns N' Roses.  It was surreal!  We would like our fans and our soon to be fans to know that we are just getting started.  We're planning, once this COVID situation is under control, to bring our show to more venues beyond our home state of California.  We want to meet more of you, provide our live show experience for you and continue to positively impact your lives through doing what we love doing most.......making music.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

We're excited for 2020!  The world is in a delicate place right now but one of the things that has and always will lift the spirits of people is the power of music. Our full-length album, Galactic Boogaloo is so close to being done we can taste it.  We're hoping to finish it up and get it out to you by Summer 2020.  Thereafter, if the state of the world complies, we're planning to take a few mini-tours to play these songs for you in person.  If the pieces of normalcy have not fallen back into place by then, we'll regroup and figure out a way to play for you, even if we have to do so from our rehearsal space.  Grab a seat and hold on tight because we promise this ride is one you have never experienced before.  The fuse is ignited and the 6SS rocket is set to launch in 5..4..3..2..1. *

Listen to "Boom" here.

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