Learning More About HARLEY and Their New Song, "HYPNOS"

Hey HARLEY, welcome to BuzzMusic! Seeing as your recent song “HYPNOS” surrounds a weird and broken relationship, what was the songwriting process like

between the three of you when creating “HYPNOS”?

Hi! Thank you so much for having us on BuzzMusic! Hypnos is such a wild story to us. Kimo’s (drummer) girlfriend [at the time] bailed on him one night, which was normal. So he ended up hanging out with me (Cade James Carl - frontman) and some other friends. She didn’t like it and decided to start a fight via text. She wouldn’t pick up the phone BUT THEN called him just to break-up. I was watching it all happen in real-time. We wrote this song on that night, those moments, and the large array of emotions I watched unfold. We try to tell our stories and our message in the same way that they affected us. First, I found a melody that portrayed the emotion in the light that we wanted. Then we all sat down and just started unraveling the story piece by piece on how it played out in real life - lyrically, then sonically.

The instrumentals and production within “HYPNOS” give off an amazing warm

summer feel to it. Why did HARLEY choose to release this post-break-up song on

the cusp of summer?

Great question. This whole thing happened in summer so we wanted to keep everything consistent with the real story. It was such a dramatic event, but we also wanted to make the song super easy to listen to, to show the beauty in the breakup. Kimo’s now engaged so it’s on purpose that the melody is in pain, but the song sounds like hope - it reps the whole picture.

Speaking on the overall production and atmosphere within “HYPNOS”, HARLEY

brings a hot west coast vibe through the instrumental ambiance. How did the three of

you go about experimenting with what sounds the best suit the message of the song?

I love this question so much. Mainly because I love tone so much. It drives the background of the song and really creates the mood and atmosphere, as you said. We have a catalog of tones we’ve made and of tone references for colors we’d like to paint with. We work very closely with our producer, Abe DiMare, who is an absolute tone genius as well. We wanted our lead synth tone in this track to be nostalgic. We wanted it to put the listener in the moment that the bridge and choruses describe - spacing out in your car and leaving you reminiscent. We love to make daydream music to help people escape from the mundane of reality - tones definitely do that.

With regards to HARLEY’s discography, what can the band say about your release

“HYPNOS”, and how it relates or stands out from the rest of your music?

I’d say that this song just proves that we are learning and adapting. We are really starting to embrace our sound and how tones and melodies play into our emotions and the emotions of others. HYPNOS is our favorite track so far. Promise each song we release will be better than the last.

Within HARLEY’s overall sound as a band, we’ve noticed that you create pop but

also drift into different alternative aspects as well. Does HARLEY intend to stay true

to their pop sound, or might there be some musical experimentation in the future?

Wow, I love these questions so much. HARLEY will always have a pop base - pop melodies, pop beats for sure. That’s HARLEY. But because we love tones so much and we rely on them to help tell our stories, I think we will dip into that alternative sound some depending on what we are trying to say or make you feel as we have done with previous releases. We are huge fans of warmer, summer-like tones. It’s engraved into our bones, so that will continue to be a constant in our music.

You can listen to "HYPNOS" here.