Learning More About the Life of UTE

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Ute! We couldn’t stop smiling while listening to “Happiness Together”, what happy moment inspired you to make this song? What kind of personal connection do you have with the lyrics?

Thank you very much!  It is simple. We are happy when we‘re in love, in love with people like parents than a boyfriend or vice versa, animals. Love what we are doing. Love is the greatest gift of all. It is actually the moment before marriage. My personal connection is my marriage to my music!  This release has almost a modern 70’s vibe to it what was your thought process behind coming up with the background music? How do the elements make you feel? Happiness together is part of a movie soundtrack. The movie plays during the 70‘s. The music makes me happy. It’s started with the beginning of the background music. I always have to smile  “Happiness Together” radiates constant good energy! How did it feel to write each of the lyrics? What was that whole songwriting process like for you?

It helped me get out of a dark part of my personal life. It was a relief, to get rid of some of the pain inside of me We are loving the evolution of your music with every release, how do you feel you have grown as an artist since “Music Makes Me Fly”? How do you feel your production has grown since you started out as an artist?

I grow with every song since Music makes me fly. Lessons through life and different styles is always a challenge for my voice. Especially in Happiness together it was hard to sing the high parts, the refrain in falsetto. But it sounds better. Most singers almost scream when they sing out loud What else can we expect from you in 2020?

The official trailer from Music makes me fly and end of May the Film on amazon prime Ute-Music Makes  Me Fly Documentary Including a matching soundtrack The best is yet to come