Leave a "Light" on for Lyra Star and Her Emotional Single

Back and better than ever from Los Angeles, the Artist and Singer/Songwriter Lyra Star touches on heavy and emotional themes within her recent single, "Light."

While wowing us over the past year or so with her captivating contortion acts and sweet vocal melodies, Lyra Star is always one to sprinkle a bit of sparkle into your days. Moving from Nashville to the Bay Area, and finally Los Angeles, Lyra Star has been hard at work and navigating the next exciting and mesmerizing project she might delve into next.

Through her recent single, "Light," Lyra Star goes on to sing an emotional story that can easily relate with any listener who's endured lost love. Through the song's natural ambiance with help from organic piano melodies and a delicate drum beat, Lyra Star is able to serenade us over the captivating instrumentals while sinking deeper into her emotional lyricism for listeners to feel a connection.

"Light" begins with soft piano melodies and subtle background pads that float around the track. As Lyra Star's vocals appear, she starts singing over the background pads and stands in the spotlight with her breathtaking performance. While she sings of wanting to let someone go who's crossed many lines, Lyra Star truly reaches into our hearts with her gripping lyricism that keeps us listening.

As the song gradually expands with soft background synths and the airy drum beat, Lyra Star continues to sing with incredible passion and emotion while exclaiming lyrics like "-but I'll always leave a light on for you." As Lyra Star makes her way to the outro, she's given us chills through the entirety of the song while keeping us locked into the piece's tenderness and heart.

We are continually honored to feature the shimmering stylings of Lyra Star, and her recent single "Light" is no exception. As Lyra grabs the listener's attention with her relatable and emotional concepts that strike a chord near the heart.

How did you get down to writing such an emotional piece like "Light?" Did you find it easy to write about such relevant themes in your life?

I don't think I would ever describe songwriting as "easy" no matter what I'm writing about, but when I write about my emotions, it's actually very cathartic for me. We as humans feel such a wide range of feelings during our lifetimes based on our experiences and our relationships with others. One of my goals with my music is to transport the listener into the world of emotion or set of emotions through the sonic landscape and the lyrics. I feel like a lot of people will be able to relate to the song as well, and I think my favorite part is the last lyric line "I'll always leave a light on for you" because it's about hope. While a door may need to close at the moment, we can always have a little bit of hope that a connection can happen at another time because you never know what life will bring.

The instrumentals within your song "Light" are incredibly ear-pleasing and serene. How did you want listeners to feel after experiencing the entire song?

I want the listeners to feel like they were transported, as though they went on an emotional journey... one that is at the same time a bit heartbreaking and intense, but it's also a peaceful recognition that the timing is not right and it's okay to let go.

Did you have any help when formulating the instrumentals and production for your single "Light?" How did you manage to execute your sonic vision for the song?

The cello parts were played by a cellist here in LA named Jacob Szekely (he played the cello on my last single "Broken" as well), and I tracked the piano and vocal parts. The production was actually done in the bay area at Soundwire Studios by Christopher Krotky, who did production on my album, 'A Thousand Dreams,' and on my single, "Beautiful Ride." He is really amazing at what he does, and I had a vision for this song to have a combination of digital production and real instruments. He has always done a fantastic job in helping me fulfill my artistic vision for my songs. I like to describe this track sonically as Sigur Ros meets Lana Del Ray.

We've seen incredible songs and music videos from you over the past year. Might you experiment with another contortion style music video for your single, "Light?"

Oh yes! My brain has already been working on a concept for a video with contortion for this song. I am hoping to put together a team to film it in 2021. I've been super inspired lately by FKA Twigs and her music videos... they are stunning and combine her dance skills with her original songs. This is what I want to continue doing with my music, and I do have some ideas and concepts for a video for this particular song. I just need the right director and artistic team to help me flesh it out.

What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you Lyra?

I just went back into the studio to start tracking the parts for my next single, but before that, I'll be releasing a music video at the end of January for an older song called "Fade." I just got the final edit sent to me about a week ago, so I'll be working on promotions for that after the holidays are over. I feel like a lot of the music on my debut album did not get the attention that it deserves, so I'm hoping that releasing a music video for one of those songs will be a good way to get it out there into the world.