Leaving Nothing Left Unsaid, MR RUBEN Bares His Soul In “Dear, Jesus”

MR RUBEN is a naturally gifted music producer hailing from San Diego, California. A singer/songwriter, rapper, and multi-instrumentalist, MR RUBEN is a skilled pianist, trumpet player, and drummer. He was a DJ throughout high school and began producing his own beats a few years later. No matter where the music takes him, MR RUBEN has always made music for the pure love of the art form. His latest release “Dear, JESUS” was written, recorded, and produced in one day, furthur highlight MR RUBEN’s ability as an artist. 

The track “Dear, JESUS” remains charmingly lo-fi but MR RUBEN’s production skills are clearly finely tuned. We can’t help but hone in on his deep and alluring vocals. His sultry voice fused with the heavy echoing bass mix with ease and perfection. The instrumentation delivers both organic and electronic elements that combine forces in an epic cinematic fashion. The yearning and passion in MR RUBEN’s lyricism, as well as the flawless rap verse and the overall sound is a welcome addition to the music industry and we can’t wait to see what he delivers next! Stay on the lookout for MR RUBEN and his future musical endeavors! 

Check out “Dear, JESUS” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Welcome to BuzzMusic MR RUBEN! We love that you’re quoted as saying that you make music for fun! How do you fee your passion for music every day? 

Prayer. Being inspired by people and the elements of my surroundings and life.

We thoroughly enjoyed your track “Dear, JESUS” it was very powerful! What element within this song do you feel holds the most impact for the listener? 

The personal direct power gives everyone I different reaction and feeling. The song will speak to you. And you will feel what you need with the lyrics, soul, context, beat, melody, sound, vibration, energy, message from the song.

Dear, JESUS” is extremely different from a lot of your previous releases, is this versatility something that you aim for in your sound?

Yes. Always. As I’m learning and becoming a better artist, I’m also evolving. I’m impressing and trying to shock myself.

What advice would you give to your younger self now, when you were first starting out in the music industry?

Never quit. Never stop creating. Live, learn and love.

Thank you so much for allowing us to feature your music! What’s up next for MR RUBEN?

Continue to make new music. Collaborations and talent development. Also pursuing major label and artist partnerships and or major network collaborations.


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