Lee Harris Announces His Rise in the Modern Music Scene With His Expressive Single, "All of Me"

If you haven't adventured into this Philadelphia native's incredibly versatile catalog of modern R&B essential in the past year, you owe it to yourself to become acquainted. Since the age of 10, South Carolina's Lee Harris has been developing his sound and style with extreme haste, releasing his first extended play at the age of 20. With deep shades of soul contouring the gooey hooks found at the core of his music, Harris is definitely riding the creative wave straight into our playlists this month. "All of Me" chronicles the emergence of one of this year's most reliable providers of intensely addictive choruses, progressive beats, and extraordinarily progressive verses. This single balances whimsical orchestration and dance-inducing vibes in an exuberant fashion.

As he sings, "I don't want a piece just give your all to me", he confesses the struggle behind a lover's lack of commitments. "Stop messing around, and maybe we could be..." he continues, affirming the pledge he is willing to take for this relationship he is fighting for. It's an expressive track with a tight rhythm section aiding the distant synth work coloring the subtle workings of this compelling song. Dynamic vocal adlibs space evenly throughout, as the Lee intensifies his grip on our attention. With a compact feel and engaging story, this song demands a replay after the initial listen. With no need for further consideration, it is obvious this Philadelphia entertainer is making progress in shifting the hearts of the music scene in his favor

Lee Harris! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We're incredibly excited to be featuring "All of Me"! What got you into creating and performing at an early age, whether it was acting, dancing, or music?

First I would like to say thank you for the opportunity that you are not only giving me but a whole bunch of other independent artists who are on the come up! I appreciate platforms like this a lot! But the specific moment where I knew that I wanted to entertain was when I heard“You Rock My World” by Michael Jackson I was around the age of 3 or 4. I just remember hearing the liveliness of the record and seeing the video Mj was acting singing and dancing so I just knew that was what I was going to do as well!

You grew up in Philadelphia and spent lots of time to develop your own style around the scene there. Can you tell us about any of the local spots you've performed that have helped you establish your foothold in the music scene thus far?

I’ve performed at just about everywhere in Philly from the corner of 15th and market to the TLA to Girls High. There are very few places where I haven’t performed in Philly. Throughout my years growing up and developing there I feel like all of these venues played a huge part in me getting my name out there but also in me growing as an artist. All of these venues helped me shape my artistry and just grow. Also, a lot of the shows I was an opener or just a random spot in a showcase. With these opportunities, I was able to exercise my competitive spirit by wanting to be the best on these shows! But also I was able to learn humility because starting in these venues there were a lot of people who were better and more experienced than I was so I was able to learn from them. Which I'm mad grateful for.

Is there anyone who you genuinely feel helps inspire to commit to your music every day? 

As cliche as this may sound I have to say the man in the mirror. I constantly strive to be better than I was yesterday. Rather it is in dancing, singing, or acting. I strive to unlock my full potential and then beyond my limits. And every day I make an effort to do that. And if I don't then I know I will be quick to tell myself that I'm slacking and need to get my head back in the game.

You come up with impressively catchy top-lines, it seems like it comes naturally. Are there any habits you've been able to attribute to your abilities as a confident writer?

You have been known to dance and consider yourself a well-rounded performer as an artist. How do you find your music helps you express your emotion, and how does dancing personal amplify that for you?

First, thank you for that I appreciate that a lot. And I believe that just always being spiritually connected to my music helps me be confident. And me giving my all to every song helps me be confident as well. I do my best to lay down the best brick that I can at that moment if that makes sense.

You have been known to dance and consider yourself a well-rounded performer as an artist. How do you find your music helps you express your emotion, and how does dancing personal amplify that for you? Thank you again you got me feeling famous or something! But music is always there for me. Music is always there to listen to what I'm going through. And music is always there to help me get through whatever I may be going through. For me, music and dance have always gone hand and hand. I feel like God gave me the gifts of song and dance to express myself so Imma does that every chance I get! Also, I feel as though dance just makes the moment that much bigger!