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Lee Harris Creates Thought-Provoking Melodies on New Single, "Mirage"

Lee Harris isn't just amplifying his trajectory upwards in the music industry with "Mirage," he's establishing crushing-heights his creativity has held since the early years.

Here, "Mirage" is whimsical and thought-provoking, highlighting the remarkable conviction in his voice. He grapples with his composure while passing along reminiscent readings about the unique futures we're all individually fighting for.

"Mirage" finds Lee Harris at his most vulnerable yet, "Whatever you see you can achieve," he professes in a poem like flow, "Cause whatever I see, I will achieve, I got this..." he continues, as our hearts fill with his empathetic upliftment. The momentum here passes like a sonic daydream, leaping forward into our lives with blissful character.

For Lee Harris and his production, mixing full-throttled vocal malleability and uplifting hymns spells out the intimate nature of his new wave jams—and what they are capable of. 

Being raised out of West Philly and later relocating to South Carolina, this endeavoring artist has been dreaming of making it since he was four. From meetings with labels and bus rides to New York, you are met with a struggle to match in his circumstances of trying to accomplish his dreams, and this is what this song endeavors to clarify.

Fuelled by a sharp vocal performance, a clamor of synthesizers, and resonating and insightful librettos, Lee Harris confers; we're all capable of accomplishing our own dreams.

Listen to "Mirage" here.

Do you mind expanding on some of the influences from your bringing up and intercontinental travels that have coincided to form your unique sound and persona?

I’ve been able to experience so much from the people that I’ve met to the couple of places that I’ve been so I soak up every ounce of it. Sonically the original inspiration came from having parents who listened to different music.

For instance, my father was more into soulful, smooth, vintage vibes I like to say. He would play the music that dated back all the way to the 50s and the only modern music he liked was a very smooth classic r&b or Jazz. I like to think that has influenced my approach to music vocally.

My mother was heavenly into hip hop from the late 80s and early 90s. As well as urban pop from that late 90s to the 2000s. Listening and experiencing my mom's energy with music like this influenced me in the type of production that I enjoy which tends to be very hard-hitting drums with energy that you have no choice to dance to. Also with my naturally gravitating towards pop music like Michael Jackson, Usher, Chris Brown, Omarion, Jason Derulo, etc. I was influenced to make music where I can dance and have catchy hooks! All of that has influenced my music as well as my persona.

Other than going down in history as the greatest performer who has ever lived as one of your main goals in your career, are there any more immediate and pressing milestones for you right now as an artist?

Yes! I would love to reach over 100K streams on streaming platforms. But my ultimate goal every day is to inspire someone to follow their dreams and to love themselves even more than they did yesterday. If I can inspire at least one person with my music then I have done my job.

What messages and emotions were the most critical in highlighting on 22 for you?

The message that was most critical in 22 is simply this. It’s ok. It’s ok to feel discouraged. It’s ok to have faith in yourself. It’s ok to fall in love. And it’s ok to be upset. With all of these songs, I believe that you feel that. Rather it is Mirage and you come out feeling like its ok that I'm discouraged now but it's ok because Imma gets through this. Or rather it is “Runnin” and you come out of the song feeling like its ok to stop running from love and just embrace it. You know? Or even with a song like “Tide” where I take you through the current climate of the world and give you my feeling of hopefulness but also anger in some regards. At the end of the day when you listen to “22” front to back I want you to understand its ok to feel SOMETHING! It's ok to go through those emotions.

What are you most excited about for this year regarding the path you'll be taking to promote your new music, and can we expect more of the same deep-felt applications from 22 in your future catalogs?

I am most excited about these music videos! And to get back on stage once the world opens back up! I really enjoy shooting music videos and getting my energy to come across via video. Also, I have so many ideas for videos and I can't wait to be with some dancers and just get it poppin. But you can definitely expect that same application. Music is such a spiritual thing for me I believe the only way to do it is to put your all into it. You know how people say “its not that deep?” for me it’s always that deep. Y’all deserve my all and I'm going give it to y'all.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

So much has been keeping my inspired. Me looking back on far I’ve come. I understanding my impact as an artist. Also, me understanding that I have such a bright future and I'm going to make sure no stone is left unturned when it comes to Lee Harris. All of that keeps me on my toes!


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