Legendary CJ Beatty Runs Bases Around His Latest Collaborative Track with Easton, “I’m Swinging B5”

Former MLB player and current Hip-Hop sensation, CJ Beatty give fans a taste of his roots with, “I’m Swinging B5.”

The Winston-Salem, North Carolina native has a stack of athletic accomplishments that have led him to be selected in the 2009 Major League Baseball Draft by the St. Louis Cardinals. Soon after, he became a Hip-Hop artist and a motivator who specializes in teaching and inspiring people to believe in themselves when nobody else does.

CJ Beatty has traveled around the world delivering powerful messages to a wide range of audiences by crossing age and cultural lines. With his latest single and music video, “I’m Swinging B5,” it radiates the positivity and influence that CJ Beatty takes pride in.

This collaboration with Easton Diamond Sports, the industry leader in baseball-softball product innovation, is the first of many collaborations from the Easton Collab Series.

“I’m Swinging B5,” embodies the type of confidence that some can only dream of. The instrumentation carries a vivid tempo as the rhythm has you moving to the music immediately. This record not only brings the performance of Easton’s new B5 Pro Big Barrel BBCOR baseball bat to life in the vibrant radiation of the music and performance of the original lyrics, but it also features the names of some of the most legendary players in the game who have used the original bat: Bo Jackson, Mark McGwire, Tony Gwynn, Barry Larkin and many more superstars.

The high energy impact through CJ Beatty’s crafty lyricism and a knack for wordplay remains on top as the song progresses. His empowering tonal distinction is unmatched as we are taken through a journey of his intricate rhyme schemes. In the charismatic music video for “I’m Swinging B5,” CJ Beatty returns to his roots at Glenn High School in Kernersville North Carolina with several players from the local community.

There, they put on quite the show to line up with the tracks upbeat ambiance with the power of Easton’s 2021 B5 Pro while embodying Beatty’s motivational swagger.

CJ Beatty is a force to be reckoned with as it seems there is nothing he can’t do. The liveliness exuded in this record hits a home run out of the park.

Congratulations on the release of “I’m Swinging B5." How did this legendary collaboration between you and Easton come to life?

One day I was on the phone talking with Easton’s VP of Marketing and Ecom, Austin Herwitz. I shared my music video idea with him and he loved it. However, he said, “Dude…can I suggest something?”. I was like, “Heck yeah bro”. He said, “Instead of creating a video for your song “I’m Swinging Drop-5” which is dope by the way…..can we switch it to “I’m Swinging B5” instead? That way you get to create a song for a legendary bat!" I immediately said, “Bro you are a freaking genius” hahaha. And the rest is history!

How was the creative process different from this song versus your other creations?

For “I’m Swinging B5” I got the approval to use the names and likeness of legendary ballplayers in my lyrics. That was epic! Each player I used in the song brought me back to my childhood. I remember watching them back in the day with my father and it was truly an honor to add them in.

What is something similar that both the athletic and music industry share?

Extreme Competition! Man, it's DOG eat DOG out here. Either you got the juice or you don’t. You truly have to practice your craft and physical workout in the music industry and on the sports side. You see people on both sides of the fence that become “one-hit wonders” because of their lack of hustle or work ethic. There are too many similarities.

If you could have listeners feeling one way after hearing “I’m Swinging B5,” how would you want them to feel?

Pumped up and motivated to go and swing a bat! I want them to remember back in the day when they played baseball. I want them to relive the special moment's baseball gave them back in the day. I want them to feel a sense of pride when they hear this song.

What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you?

More, More and More is what they can expect! I want every song and visual to push the limits each and every time. Trust me….I'm just getting started!