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Lemon Lord Has Us Wishing We Had a "Superpower"

Pop sensation Lemon Lord hails from Los Angeles with a slogan ‘To Infinity and Be Blonde.’ Reminding us all that we can do anything we dream of and we can be any version of ourselves that we choose along the way.

Being multifaceted at its finest, Lemon Lord has written all lyrics, melodies, and arrangements on her album and hopes to release a vast amount of creations for the years to come.

Taking to her 2020 album, ‘Be Blonde,’ this debut release continues to garner major attention for the talented Lemon Lord. Honing in on her power anthem, “Superpower,” the eclectic, galactic sensation laced into the soundscape takes on the essence of the one and only Madonna, yet merges with hints of the eccentric Lady Gaga.

In a heavy atmospheric realm that is weaved together through computerized percussion patterns and electric synth progressions, we have the fiery energy of Lemon Lord pushing the envelope of Pop meets Electronica bops. Her prevailing vocal performance makes for quite the staple, as she brings fortified confidence to the ears of her listeners. Indulging us in a mesmerizing rhythm that pulsates to the thriving instrumentation, we hear Lemon Lord cast out lyrical motifs that hype up her listeners in a way that etches her undeniable swagger into the pep in their step.

Crooning slick verses that take us to the repetition of the spellbinding chorus, we can’t help but sing the words, ‘I bet you wish you had a superpower,’ at the top of our lungs. Lemon Lord does what all of us wish we could, and that’s to get her message across in a way that stirs up strength in her fan base. Be prepared to feel the utmost empowered after immersing yourself in the compelling waves of “Superpower.”

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Lemon Lord. “Superpower,” had us hooked from the moment the song began to play! Could you please take us into the meaning of this track?

Thank you :) This song is a sort of meditation, or anthem, or spiritual opera if you will -- that takes me into another dimension or another space. I feel the strength and the effortlessness to float above and beyond anyone and anything and to let go. Who doesn't need that from time to time? As an artist, I'm very interested in exploring the limits of reality or perception and going beyond them, making society see things it didn't before, and making myself do things I didn't before. I have always been hooked on the concept of infinity and using inner power as a means of transcending any circumstance. That's what my music is about so this song is one of my favorites right now.

Was there a particular moment or story that inspired the creation of “Superpower?" How did you know that it would make the cut for your album ‘Be Blonde?'

I didn't know for sure that it would be chosen for the album as I had a lot of other demos and pieces of songs that I had written during that time, but this one came to me very quickly. It took only a few minutes to write it in its basic form, especially the opening lines, but then I changed some of the lyrics and messed with different rhymes and things like that later on. The pre-chorus also went through many different changes. The instrumental part was what I wanted, but the vocal melody went through a lot of iterations, and finally, I settled on this sort of repeated, spoken word, dreamy, almost hypnotic thing which I loved, and it reminded me of Madonna and The Weeknd and some other cool stuff that I liked. There wasn't a particular moment or story that inspired the song, other than my general desire to go beyond, to be free, to love myself, and to believe in and inspire others to do the same.

Could you please share the overall concept that you brought to this body of work? What did the creative process look like when bringing ‘Be Blonde’ to life and choosing the track list?

Writing these songs took over a year, and the pandemic severely interrupted the process but nothing can stop an idea that is supposed to have life, so ultimately the music had to come out. If I had held it within me I probably would have gotten really sick, or died. When energy and love and the human spirit are coming through, there is a flow that is needed. You have to let it out. You have to express yourself. You have no choice because it's too powerful to be contained within you, as a secret story or idea. It's such a crime against humanity, a crime against the self to keep a dream inside, and to carry that story along and to keep it alive only within yourself. It's too much of a responsibility, too much of a burden. Making this album was really about letting all of these ideas out, making pop music that inspires people and makes them feel strong and hot and like they can do anything. It's about a sound that gives people dignity, and the will to live. I'm sure that sounds dramatic but that's what it means to me. I chose the songs that best fit that objective but there are others that I wrote fragments of that I might come back to for the next batch.

What is your mission statement as an artist? Do you find that it’s the same as when you created ‘Be Blonde?'

This was my first album, and yes, I feel that my mission as an artist and for this album were extremely closely aligned. My slogan, "To Infinity and Be Blonde," was the inspiration for the album title itself, "Be Blonde," and my slogan basically means that we can all go as far and high as we want in life, and we can be any version of ourselves that we want to be along the way. For me, that means having blonde hair, and all the feelings I have that come with that symbol. For others, it could mean something else, even something internal. That's why my song "Superpower" is such an important piece of the record. It's really about overcoming any aspect of society or the self that's resisting the truth, the truth of who we are. I believe that we're allowed to be any version of ourselves that we want, at any time. Maybe this belief came from an early obsession with The Spice Girls, who took girl power to an international level and who all had unique identities within fashion and art, but I also feel it's a modern concept, to embrace multiple identities or personas. Real freedom for me, as Nina Simone once said, means no fear. It means there is no story to uphold, there is no contract to be someone. I wanted people to hear my album and feel like, "You're free, baby." So this is the first body of work toward that end. Thank you so much for listening and for these questions!


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