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LENOIRE Will Impress You With “Bed Rhythm”

Legendary trio, LENOIRE, was established in 2016 and has been thriving ever since. Originating in Montreal, their music style consists of a feel good rhythm and blues. Since the formation of LENOIRE, they have released an impressive number of three EP’s which has been getting rave reviews from fans all around the world. In fact, LENOIRE has been having such tremendous success that they are starting their own tour this summer! Their work is authentic, thrilling, and downright monumental.

LENOIRE’s newest release is titled “Bed Rhythm” and we are absolutely living for it! The track is original and personal, giving off a warm and comforting feeling. “Bed Rhythm” is the type of song that belongs anywhere from a trendy coffee shop to a big box movie. The trio works very well together and their experience in the music industry is evident throughout not only “Bed Rhythm”, but all of their songs. My favourite aspect of “Bed Rhythm” is the peaceful guitar being beautifully integrated into the background of the track. It’s not overpowering, it brings just the right amount of presence to add to the songs mellow vibe. Experience LENOIRE’s raw talent by enjoying their new track “Bed Rhythm” along with their other great work!

Listen to “Bed Rhythm” here and get to know more about LENOIRE below!

How was LENOIRE formed?

Sleeping on the side of the Railroad between Bywater and Marigny in New Orleans, LENOIRE started out as fits of bohemian living. Playing music with ramblers and stragglers, late night under fluorescent lights, places, like the corner of Royal and Desire.

What is your writing process like? Does being a trio making it easier or more complicated?

Songs can come out from anywhere, a text, or an image somebody thought of. Some songs come in the dead of night, through the open window, leering, until you record or write it down.

What was your inspiration behind “Bed Rhythm”?

For a long time the song was more of a vamp to jump into, it took us a while to get the whole piece together. Its a spring song, so it gets a lot of energy from the joy of being outside for longer, to feel the heat of sunshine. The Montreal spring is such a relief.

What is your favorite part of “Bed Rhythm” and why?

The start, where the whole band comes in. The bass line is really satisfying, and we love hearing the bass drum pedal squeak a bit. Playing it live is great as well, its a lot of fun to drop into!

What’s next for LENOIRE in 2019?

Right now we've just started a cross Canadian tour, we're going to be writing and recording all the while, with a stop in the Rockies for some peace. Once we're back we'll be working on a new album, which will be coming out in early 2020. 


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