Leo No Rhythm Drops “Fallen Leaves” Just In Time For Your Summer Bangers Playlist

Hailing in the South suburbs of Illinois comes the gifted, 27 year old, Leo No Rhythm. Making music for over ten years, Leo has been pursuing his music more seriously since 2017 thanks to his friends and family pushing him. Leo No Rhythm dropped his first album in 2017 titled “Listen”, available on all streaming platforms. Currently putting in work, Leo is set to release his newest album later this year titled “A Hippie Love Story”.

Equipped with a catchy hook, expert bars, and authentic ideas, Leo No Rhythm dropped his addictive single “Fallen Leaves”. His ten years of expertise is evident throughout this summer banger! Leo spits bar after bar flawlessly without skipping a beat. The backbeat matches perfectly with Leo’s distinct sound and contrary to his name, Leo No Rhythm carries spectacular flow as he speaks the truth about his love.  R&B elements shine through the speakers with the unique and surprising bass guitar. It’s a refreshing twist on the hip-hop music scene. Leo No Rhythm knows what his listeners want to hear and delivers it everytime. He’s built a solid foundation for his career through experience and authenticity and we can’t wait to see what moves he makes next!

Listen to “Fallen Leaves” here and read more below in our exclusive interview with Leo No Rhythm!

Hi Leo! Can you tell us more about how your family and friends encouraged you to pursue music?

"Hey thanks for getting back to me and yes I would love to. I'll start off with my family basically me and my older brother used to freestyle for hours after school but when we got older he started to do shows and record Music. I thought that was the coolest thing ever but he told me that he would no longer take music serious if I didn't do it with him so that was a huge push for me. Now how my friends play a part this started in high school where I met one of the closet Friends that I have today. During lunch I would freestyle with the other kids in school that rap so I was always practicing my craft. It wasn't until I was In college when I was comfortable enough to let people hear my music I recorded and everyone was telling me how good I was and I noticed my brother really stop making music. So my friends was like if you can drop singles then you can drop an album and once I noticed I wasn't making much progress from singles I finally took my friends advice.

What’s the meaning behind “Fallen Leaves’? What was the writing process like?

"The meaning behind fallen leaves is basically a metaphorical way of explaining a long distance relationship when I say you fall for me like fallen leaves its past tense for how we used to talk and she caught feelings for me for me before she moved to a tropical climate and then I say I ride for you like summer vibes because engery never lies what I mean by this line I know the seasons summer and fall are far apart but with time and patience if the connection is real things will still work out you can make it through the fall and get back to summer vibes. And the writing process for this song was simple and smooth because it's a song that I wrote for my girlfriend as an early birthday gift but it's all real feelings involved so the lyrics came very natural.

Who are you top three musical influences? Why?

"That's a good question I would say Eminem flat bush zombies and bone thugs n harmony. The reason that I chose Eminem as one of my top musical influences is because he is such a universal artist he can do so many styles and regardless what he is doing he always goes crazy and not to mention his creativity and weirdness is awesome. The reason that I say flat bush zombies is because they have such a different sound that you usually don't hear from main stream artist but they lyrics word play and metaphors are so dope as I stated earlier I love metaphors. And last but not least I say bone thugs n harmony is because I grew up listening to bone thugs and hearing someone be able to rap that fast to a beat and have cadence and harmony at the same time was something truly amazing. And I also really loved the messages that they put in the songs.

What challenges have you faced as an artist? How do you overcome those challenges?

"I would say the biggest challenges I have faced as an artist is having a low paying job and being an introvert. The way that i overcome being an artist with a low paying job is i would constantly go on Youtube to find a beat to freestyle on and post on social media so when I didn't have the money to buy instrumentals and get in the studio I would still being something music related. And me being an introvert I am very shy I am the type of artist that usually performs then leave the stage.but recently I have started talking to more people starting conversation instead of waiting for someone to talk to me I have started expressing my feelings more openly instead of keeping them to my self I am networking with other artists bloggers and radio host pretty much breaking out of my shell.

Why the name, Leo No Rhythm?

The reason that I go by the name Leo No Rhythm is because yet again it's a metaphorical way of saying that I know rhythm like I can rap really good but I don't know how to count bars. But i can't dance to save my life and it's hard for me to catch the beat of others peoples music other than mine

When can we expect the drop of your next album?

My next album will be dropping July 15th the album is called hippie Love story.