Leon Adan Gives us a New Taste of Alternative Rock

Latino singer, songwriter, and producer Leon Adan was born and raised in the center of the music industry, Los Angeles. Leon Adan has been creating music since he was twelve years old – and his years of experience are evident when you listen to his music. Filled with indie beats, electric guitars, and upbeat percussion, Leon Adan gives fans an unforgettable alternative-rock experience. His deep voice almost puts the listener into a trance and is complimented by anthemic synth sounds. He has been making waves in the music industry since 2018 as the lead singer and guitarist of his band Unsound Sunday when they released their first album.

Adan has recently released his debut solo album titled 'Distress Call.' Unlike most, Leon Adan viewed his first few months of quarantine as an opportunity. He challenged himself to write an entire album (Distress Call) in just one month! His determination as an artist is transparent, and we see it through his music.