Lesibu Grand Doesn’t Want You “Runnin’ Round” With Amazing New Single!

All the way from the south in Atlanta, GA we have the amazing Lesibu Grand (pronounced Le-See-Boo Grand) and their single “Runnin’ Round”. Indie music can easily begin to feel either unique or like something you’ve heard before. Today, Lesibu Grand brings us an anthemic and super catchy smash that lands on the top half of that statement. The song starts off with the singer's voice saying “are you mad because you can’t hear the music?” and whoever she is saying this to should be mad - as this song rules! The song then rips into a funky jazz-influenced indie-rock performance that takes influence from the NYC new wave scene from artists such as Blondie and The Pixies. Musically, there is nothing missing and the song encourages emotions of being carefree and dancing freely. On the vocal melodies, lead singer Tyler Simone makes her that she does not fall short, at all. The catchy hooks stay with you long after listening to the track and make it easy to sing along! Production-wise, the song speaks to an indie band that is working on a budget, but it absolutely does the job. 

“Runnin’ Round” is encouraging and gives the vibe that this band can really do something! Make sure you get on Lesibu Grand now, you will be happy you did and maybe you’ll be first on something that ends up going very far! We wouldn’t be surprised. 

Listen to "Runnin' Round" here.

Hi Lesibu Grand! Thanks for chatting with us at BuzzMusic. Can you tell us a bit about the transition between being songwriting partners who flourished into a band? What sparked this? Well, from the beginning we both felt that these songs would best flower with the support of a full band.  While the initial chords and melodies were most often created with acoustic guitar, shortly after we started developing the vibe, rhythm and song structure in Garageband, and later Logic, adding drum machines, bass, keys, and various guitar parts.  And then we set about finding the right musicians who could bring them to life.  We succeeded in that respect because the players we’ve assembled for Lesibu Grand elevated these songs well beyond our first recordings of them.  [Note, we could list out the player's names here BuzzMedia, if you wanted us to]. 

Tell us about the Atlanta music scene! How has it helped shape your career in the music industry? Atlanta has a very diverse and eclectic music scene.  While its best known for its highly successful hip hop scene, there are lots of other pockets of music, including indie rock, metal, and punk.  Atlanta is home to a collective called Punk.black that celebrates people of color in metal, punk, goth, in addition to cosplay, comics, and the arts generally and they put on awesome shows around Atlanta, NYC, DC and elsewhere.  We draw from all of that and are excited to be playing one of their shows in late December.

We love your new song "Runnin' Around". Can you tell us a bit about the creation process? How does each of you contribute to the final product?

Thanks so much!  Tyler originated this song by singing the main vocal line of the chorus into her phone while stuck in traffic.  A while later she shared it with me, and we came up with the basic chords.  But then we both had a really hard time coming up with additional lyrics.  Just a creative block that persisted for a while.   Then, we were sitting on a porch on a very hot and humid day in Georgia trying to write something,  and it started to rain really hard.  The cooler air felt great, but we had to back up into the corner to avoid getting soaked.   For some reason right at that time we became unlocked and the rest of the words, and some additional chords, came together.  The song was finally written!

"Runnin' Around" showcases your musical ability flawlessly. What's your favorite lyric line in the song? Why?

Our favorite lyric from this song would have to be "I tried, I tried, I tried, I tried… to keep up with you but I didn't have the speed” because of the melodic pattern that goes with it. But also, when thinking of how long it took to come up with that line, I remember how relieved we both were when we nailed it on that rain-soaked porch.  Also, because we've all been through a time in our lives where we felt behind and couldn't keep up to where we'd want to be. 

What's next for Lesibu Grand as we enter a new year?

We are putting the finishing touches on our second album, which is much more hard rock and in some cases quite directly political.  We are both positive, sometimes silly people who crack each other up whenever possible, but we’re not blind to what's going on in our country. We’re patriotic people, but we’re not comfortable with what we’re seeing, and we decided without much discussion to tackle it head-on for our next project.  We’ll be using our video-making skills to highlight our points about what’s wrong in America right now.  So be on the lookout for some tough love from Lesibu Grand in 2020!