Let D-Black Motivate Your Hustle With New Track “Breadwinner”

BuzzMusic presents the undeniably gifted rapper and hip-hop artist D-Black. A Long Beach, California native, D-Black inspires and motivates his listeners to hustle. Since he was a child he’s always loved music. Music was therapeutic; it was a refuge from growing up in a broken home on the east side of Long Beach. Juggernaut Music Group came to life in February of 2019; that’s when the music was no longer a hobby. D-Black has already released 11 singles(3 featured) which are available on all platforms. His authentic sound is in a league of its own. Juggernaut and D-Black are a force to be reckoned with; get ready world.

“Breadwinner” is a contagious new track laced with heavy bass, flawless bars, and a catchy hook. D-Black paints a vivid picture in the listeners mind and strives to motivate his listeners to get up and succeed. D-Black is no stranger to success and knows that he’ll always hustle by any means necessary. “Breadwinner” weaves through a storytelling anthem of making money regardless of distractions. “No time for b*tches. I don’t got no time to go out. I gotta get this money. I gotta hold down this house. I’m a Breadwinner”--this lyric projects that D-Black has his priorities in order and is unstoppable in his further pursuit of success. Stay on the lookout for D-Black!

Listen to “Breadwinner” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Hey D-Black! Can you start by introducing yourself to our readers and telling us how you got started making music?

I go by the name D-Black. I’m always in something black so it fit me. Originally from the East Side of Long Beach, CA. I have been in the music industry for less than a year; February of 2019 to be exact. I’ve always loved music since a kid. My grandmother put me on to the oldies and once I heard gangster rap/HipHop it was a wrap lol. I grew up in a violent environment so I gravitated more to that type of music. It became therapeutic. I would jokingly freestyle in the hood and people would say I was really good. I knew I could rap, but I didn’t care to be a rapper at the time. It was always a hobby and to relieve stress. When I saw how easy was it was to make it with streams I decided to take it serious. February 2019, Juggernaut Music Group was born.

Who are you top three musical influences? Why?

2Pac, Jay-Z, and Nipsey Hussle. 2Pac taught me to be proud of who I am, to stand tall and fight back by any means necessary. Jay-Z taught me how to get rich from music and Nipsey taught me how to control my own destiny in this industry. All money in, no money out. No middleman. They gave me the blueprint to beat the matrix.

We love your track “Breadwinner”! What inspired this track?

Thank you very much, I really appreciate the love. I’ve been a grinder since birth. I refuse to let anyone hold me back. Anyone who knows me knows my work ethic is like a machine, I have to be the hardest working person in the room. I have no time to waste. I’m fully focused on my craft and attaining as much success as I can not only in this game, but in life in general. “Breadwinner, I can’t take no losses”.

What do you want your listeners to take away from your music?

I want people to take away hope. My music should motivate you to get it out the mud by any means necessary. Failure is not an option. Nobody gave me anything, I have no co-signs. I did it my way. I own my own label, masters and publishing. So can they. I believe all of my listeners can achieve anything they put their minds too, I stand on it.

What’s next for you D-Black?

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