Let Go of the Past With Help From Nico Savaro’s Single, “FLOW”

LA native and natural-born empath, Nico Savaro, returns to BuzzMusic with his recent appreciative single “FLOW.” Seeing as some of his music is autobiographical, he’s mentioned that he is always observing his surroundings to write songs that reach beyond his personal experiences. Doing precisely this with “FLOW,” Nico Savaro brings a unique mix of R&B, rap, and even a pop-infused feel. His vocals remain strong and powerful as he sings lyrics of learning to let go while living in the moment. Through energetic production, the track keeps our undivided attention and allows us to let loose.

Opening with the sharp and hi-fi hip-hop beat, “FLOW” moves through dynamic spaces to incorporate different elements from various genres. While Nico Savaro begins rapping, he ties in lyrics that pay tribute to nostalgic bangers like “Pumped Up Kicks” and “Like A G6”. Already grabbing our attention, Nico Savaro continues to rap over the lively beat with confidence and knowledge of enduring unfortunate experiences, only to move forward and allow time to do its beautiful thing. We can feel the likes of radiant pop elements through the lively production, sharing bright keys and layered effects for added energy. Bringing meaningful lyricism within his single “FLOW,” Nico Savaro has yet again provided us with a track which allows us to sit back and relax.

Discover "FLOW" here.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Nico Savaro! We’re really impressed by the thorough message you’ve laid out with “FLOW”. Why did you want to create a track that reminds people to go with the flow?

Thank you for having me back! The irony with this song is that it was written well over a year ago and it was written with the intention of making you feel like you're on a vacation, whether you are on one or not, so it's sort of serendipitous that I had it planned for release before COVID-19 became a worldwide pandemic. Since we're basically not able to travel anymore, I hope that for 3:11 (just another coincidence- got some Amber vibes to it, doesn't it?) I can transport the listener to their favourite destination. I mention countries like Jamaica, Australia, Malaysia, Croatia, Costa Rica, Venezuela and even dancing in an igloo, cuz that just cool, pun intended. There's only so much we can control right now, so, as the song says, we literally need to go with the flow, live in the moment and learn to let go.

In regards to your recent hit “FLOW”, the production brings vibrant hip-hop, R&B and pop elements to the stage. How did you go about mixing these elements all to create the beat for “FLOW”?

You're forgetting the most crucial compositional element of the song- Caribbean! I have a deeply rooted love for Reggae and wanted that to be at the forefront of the sound. Back when we were working on Black Widow, which was released in December, I was thinking it would be cool to make a Caribbean, almost Reggaeton version of it. We tried it out but it ended up not really being the right vibe, so I sat with this beat, and about 6 months later, one day it came to me and literally just started to FLOW. 

We know that you are a natural empath, which leads you to observe other people and situations while empathizing with them. How do you initially go about writing a song and choosing which perspective or point of view you want to capture?

I really wanted to capture the essence of someone who desperately needs a much-deserved vacation, someone who's running on empty and needs to get away from it all to be able to reconnect, recharge and re-discover who they are so they can live their best life. Travel is one of the easiest ways to do that because it takes you out of your normal conditioned environment and helps you to see more of the world which in turn helps you to see more of yourself. It's one of the most efficient catalysts for helping us to also go on a journey within ourselves. It's quite ironic that sometimes we need to travel halfway across the world to discover ourselves when we can literally do that on the floor in our living room. However, vacation, when done right, forces us to leave our distractions and responsibilities behind and gives us the time to be present with ourselves. The song also suggests going on vacation for the right reasons. So many of us obsess over the socials when we're travelling, taking photos for the gram. The song literally says, "Don't do it for the gram"! So right now, we definitely can't do any of that, but we can sit in our living room or our favourite place in the house, turn off our mind, relax and float downstream. We can close our eyes and transport ourselves to our favourite place in the world and just imagine that we're there, breathing in everything it has to offer. 

Speaking on the current events of today’s world, how do you manage to find inspiration to create songs that still allow listeners to resonate and find a meaningful/relatable message?

I think most of what I said in the last question covers this, but I've had my own challenges during this time, struggling with anxiety, worry, OCD over making sure I'm being careful, and so I've had to keep myself busy. I've been very productive, writing a lot more than usual. I've been telling fans who say they're bored, this is the time to find yourself, to sit with yourself and learn who you are and what you want out of this life. Use this time to find your passion and if you've found it already, do it! Put your heart and soul into it. 

What can we expect to see next from you?

My next song FAST is scheduled to be released on the first day of summer. I'm pumped for it. It's literally about going fast and letting loose. Lots of people are going to want to flex their horsepower this summer because so far everything leading up to it has been a drag! I love puns too much.