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Let Michael White Spill The Tea About His, "Main Boo"

29-year-old LGBTQ+ pop artist Michael White is an up-and-comer in the Portland, OR music scene. Bringing positive vibes in his sound and lyrics, he has an impressive vocal range that deeply flows into his performance techniques.

Taking the step to revamping his artistic career by misfortune with a silver lining, Michael White is ready to bring a plethora of new things to the table this new year.

Giving us an almost ethereal vibe to latch onto, we're eager to fully immerse ourselves in the soothing pop ballad of "Main Boo." As we press play and take our attention to the compelling nature, we hear Michael White's primary musical influence of Ariana Grande inspiring this unique and sensual sound that he performs with.

The warmth in his tantalizing timbres guides us through his buttery melodies with each note that progresses through "Main Boo." Bringing a welcoming aura through the speakers, we're fascinated with the emotion and energy that comes hailing from Michael White. We admire hearing a male take the spotlight to profess such intimate thoughts throughout a track as such. Opening up to his audience with relatable content that protrudes through our headspace, we love the vivid imagery to accompany "Main Boo."

Being the first of many songs to come in 2022, our anticipation is rather monumental. Setting the bar high for what's to come, a heartfelt yet upbeat single of this structure is sure to last us until we get the next healthy serving of Michael White's artistic talent. So be sure to tap in and listen to "Main Boo" on your favorite streaming platform.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Michael White, and congratulations on the release of your latest bop, "Main Boo." Was there a particular moment or story that influenced the upbeat and heartfelt words we hear on this record?

Thank you! It’s good to be back and featured on here again. There really was no moment but I have many stories of past moments with certain people in my life that have inspired the lyrics to come out. I wrote this not thinking of releasing it. But once I made the demo I kept listening to it. I knew this was a song that needed to have its moment.

When did you know that you wanted to craft your music similar to pop star Ariana Grande? Was there a particular song that changed it all for you?

Ariana Grande has my heart forever and always. As lame as it sounds haha. She has been my inspiration for many reasons. The main reason is she has a sound that I’ve always been looking for when it came to my own music. I know my music shows a HUGE influence. I think when the album Dangerous Woman came out, that sparked my inspiration for my own music.

What central theme do you hope your audience can take away from this track? What does this song mean to you as the creator?

I think love and flirtation are something fun to sing about. That’s why I base most of my music on love when I’m not even in love with anyone. I also base my music on fun and positivity. I try to make most of my music feel-good music. That’s what I want to feel when I make songs. This song is absolutely one of my own personal favorite songs. I strive to be better with each song that I do. And the more fun I have with the songs, the better they are to me.

What's your mission statement as an artist? How does the release of "Main Boo" tie into this?

I go by the motto of “Make whatever makes you happy and do what feels right for you”. I could write about sex and money and that could perform well. But it wouldn’t make me happy. Cause that’s not what I’m about. It’s important that you don’t lose sight of the love of music-making. I think I’ve wasted time thinking about what people like over doing what I like. Main Boo has gotten such praise from music friends of mine and I didn’t expect people to enjoy it as much as I do. I think if you’re happy about what you put out, it’s received a whole lot better

What's next for you?

I’m so excited for this new year. I have a lot I wanna do. I have a live performance video coming soon, in talks of making my first music video. Haven’t picked a song yet though. But there are options. I’m just literally working on music 24/7. My goal is to drop another full studio project and a Christmas EP by the end of the year. I told myself 2022 isn’t about comparing my stuff to others as I’ve done in the past. Making stuff that I want to do, and stuff that makes me feel good. I try to make this clear, don’t lose the love for why you do what you love to do for numbers, trends, popularity. If you do that it’s just not fun anymore. It’s cool when it’s big and it’s a success. It’s even cooler when it’s done the way you fucking love it. Hope you are ready for a lot of new music from me in 2022.



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