Let MOOD Take You On An Adventure With “Tell Me”

MOOD is a contemporary R&B artist who knows a thing or two about art. MOOD is a creative, with a fiery passion for all things beautiful and authentic that runs through his veins. His heart is deeply rooted in art, and he started off exploring his career path with illustration and choreography. Realizing that the music scene is where he belongs, he transferred his other artistic skills and applies them to his music.

 MOOD is a visionary and make sure his music is a representation of himself and his genius. “Tell Me” is my favorite tune by him because it sublimely demonstrates his artistry. “Tell Me” is non-traditional, it pushes boundaries, and connects with the soul. “Tell Me” mentally transports the listener to another universe. It’s a total escape of reality, making you feel an indescribable type of way. MOOD executed this track and it is a must hear for all. Play this with friends, or late at night when you need to let go of all your problems. The songs that MOOD creates are more than just music, they’re an adventure, something that needs to be experienced to understand. Check out MOOD today before he catches the eye of someone big and blows up!

Listen to "Tell Me" here and get to know more about MOOD below!

Hey MOOD! Can you tell us more about yourself and background?