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Let MOOD Take You On An Adventure With “Tell Me”

MOOD is a contemporary R&B artist who knows a thing or two about art. MOOD is a creative, with a fiery passion for all things beautiful and authentic that runs through his veins. His heart is deeply rooted in art, and he started off exploring his career path with illustration and choreography. Realizing that the music scene is where he belongs, he transferred his other artistic skills and applies them to his music.

 MOOD is a visionary and make sure his music is a representation of himself and his genius. “Tell Me” is my favorite tune by him because it sublimely demonstrates his artistry. “Tell Me” is non-traditional, it pushes boundaries, and connects with the soul. “Tell Me” mentally transports the listener to another universe. It’s a total escape of reality, making you feel an indescribable type of way. MOOD executed this track and it is a must hear for all. Play this with friends, or late at night when you need to let go of all your problems. The songs that MOOD creates are more than just music, they’re an adventure, something that needs to be experienced to understand. Check out MOOD today before he catches the eye of someone big and blows up!

Listen to "Tell Me" here and get to know more about MOOD below!

Hey MOOD! Can you tell us more about yourself and background?

Hey wassup! My name is Mahmood, but I go by MOOD for short. I’m 23, and a Raleigh based singer/songwriter. My RnB style is a mix of Contemporary with my personal influence stemming from a jazzy, mellow energy. The unique thing about being in Raleigh is how many faces of music culture are represented. This has been an influential factor in the discovery of my sound. I made music in college, and after graduation had more time to focus on my passions. I want to create and inspire, primarily through my music. I love dancing and drawing, and these talents have guided the majority of my work.

What is the meaning behind “Tell Me”?

This song emphasizes the different phases that can be experienced during a romantic interaction. The song starts off slow and describes the initial interest you find in one another and then moves on into a more exciting hook where the energy starts to pick up. There is a sudden shift when the hook comes in, this is to demonstrate how amazing interactions can become once you get past the initial phase of uncomfortability. The song’s deeper meaning is to show that you can have fun just by being yourself if you’re willing to share pieces of yourself with one another and focus on the fun, rather than the vulnerabilities.

What makes “Tell Me” different from other R&B tracks?

When someone looks into the history of R&B and studies its evolution, it is incredible to see the communities in which the music began and how its impact has shifted to a global scale since then. “Tell Me” focuses more on the neo-global impacts from the Contemporary subgenre and lightly reincorporates the original themes back into the beat. There is a heavy Raleigh-style influence to the music as well, with the city being known for its rapid artistic cultural shifts and the fusion of multiple global cultures. The goal of “Tell Me” was to share the musical representation of what vibes from my hometown influenced me.

When did you decide to switch paths over to music?

I grew up in a non-traditional household where Eastern and Western influences married in the form of art and music - my parents were part of the cohort that saw the fusion of two very distinct cultures. I grew up in that influence, and when leaving for college, I saw creativity expressed in venues I never thought to consider art. Music is a form of artistic expression, and as I delved more into the local vibes here in Raleigh, the more I honed my style and found that I had talents that bridged my childhood influences and the new expressions of music outside of what I was accustomed to and decided that this was something I have always had an inner passion for.

How do you incorporate your other artistic skills into music?

For the most part, when I’ve decided on the vibe and direction for a song, I incorporate dance into the process to develop a physical representation for the work. In addition to choreography, the visual art serves as an aid to help guide the listener into my music before they can relate to its specific elements on their own. I believe a song should have various elements to engage the listener’s senses before bringing them into the artist’s world, and I use my choreography and visuals to help create an idea inside the listener to guide them when listening to my work.


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