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Let’s Get Down With SHAYSOVA And Her New Electrifying Single, “Drop Like This”

For her entire life, SHAYSOVA has been surrounded by music due to her father being a DJ. She was surrounded by the disk jockey lifestyle, music, and learning beats and melodies from a young age so DJing & production came as second nature to SHAYSOVA. When she finally put her natural musical abilities to work as a DJ and EDM music producer herself.

She came into the music scene ready to introduce you to her unique style of Electro, House, EDM, Big room & versatile mixes with unmatched energy and dedication. Her latest single “Drop Like This” debuted on Feb 11th on Soundrive Music with ufoNetwork and has been featured on as well as getting many Spotify playlist placements. This banger rattles your speakers and gets you up off your seat as soon as you hit play. It's a festival-like feeling that comes with it that we love because it means it can appeal to a massive crowd - which is the music you'd want to be making as a DJ/producer trying to break through the noise. This hard-hitting, bouncy, vibrant record has us feeling euphoric and carefree, as we should when we get down. From the classic vocal chops and high climaxes to the addictive bassline, SHAYSOVA gives us a taste of the night-life energy and a groove guaranteed to lift your mood. With this track, SHAYSOVA proves that she's the next ground-breaking DJ to look out for.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, SHAYSOVA. We're so pleased to have you with us today. "Drop Like This" is an epic new single, and we love it. What inspired you to create this record, and what was the thought process behind it?

What inspired me to create that record was just to push myself and also try to mix up some genres. I had come out with Wonderland, which was released on Revealed's sub-label, Gemstone. I decided I wanted to try a track that was a mix of Electro and Big room.

How long did it take to get a record like this to the place you wanted it to be, with mixing and mastering included?

Honestly, I have a bad habit of making a track and then sitting on it for a long time. Too long! "Wonderland" sat around for a year before I decided to send it out to labels. "Drop like this" was sitting on my computer for about six months. Now to avoid that, I send my demos and almost done tracks to producer friends of mine and ask which they think is worthy of the finished process. Im too much of a perfectionist/procrastinator, so it helps me choose. It still takes me some time to decide if I feel something is worthy of pitching to labels, but I'm getting better at it.

As an experienced DJ and producer, which genre is your favorite to tap into and why?

Well, a big room is always a rush and fun to make because it's the high energy, but even I can't always make it through an entire Big Room set without giving my ears a break. It'll always be one of my favorites, but I also really love tech house, classic style EDM, etc. To be honest, I love all genres of music to listen to. My Spotify is insanely diverse...Grimes, NSYNC, Kane Brown, it's a bit weird. Lol. But when it comes to making my own music, I love the high-energy EDM genres and am dabbling in a few different ones.

How big of a role did your father play in the success of your career since he's a DJ himself and your mentor?

Well, I'm not sure my dad was my mentor, but he DID instill the love of music in me and gave me the musical talent I have. That's a huge impact. To be honest, he never pushed being a DJ on me in any way. He just shared his passion with me. One of my first memories is playing with the dots on the side of a jog wheel on a record player. A red light illuminates these dots, and sometimes when I'd spin it at the right time, certain rows would line up or move. Funny because later, I learned that's how you know the record's change in speed relative to the normal speed or BPM. I definitely got in trouble for that, though, all the time, lol. ANYWAY...I think in his mind, he wanted a better life for me. He wanted me to go to college and have the typical career path. What a lot of people don't know is that DJ'ing used to purely be a passion project for people. Famous or rich DJs were few and far between. Before DJ AM changed the whole game, it wasn't necessarily a very lucrative job. You hauled ALL the equipment that you personally owned. You bought all your own records, speakers, mixers, sarcophaguses, lights, etc., etc., etc. My dad even welded and made his own pieces to make hauling his equipment easier. What you got paid, you'd usually spend on equipment or records. You'd have to carry Crates of heavy records to a club or event. Now the heaviest thing we need is a laptop or, better yet, a USB! He's definitely amazed at how CDJ's work now. One thing he DID stress when I told him I was learning to DJ was to learn by ear first. My teacher had me on records and then moved me to CDJ's but covered the Bpms and waves to further train my ears. Even now, to mix a track in, I sometimes find myself closing my eyes because that's what I did when I couldn't see the waveforms in front of me. Anyway, I digress. My father played a significant role in my love for music and is definitely one of my biggest fans ever! lol

What's next for you?

Well, right now, I took some time off playing shows to work on music, but now that I've hit a bit of a stride, I'd love to start doing more shows and festivals soon.

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