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“Let’s Manifest” Our Realities With Sir Christopher Saint’s New Single

Los Angeles-based pop star and glittering singer-songwriter Sir Christopher Saint speaks his dreams into reality with his newest single and music video for "Let's Manifest."

The up-and-coming pop artist was named one of Forbes's top entrepreneurs in America in 2021. He's written for major artists like Paris Hilton and networks like Netflix, Count the Nation, and Verizon Media. Not to mention writing the anthem for Mcdonald's first ever House Of Pride Campaign.

Sir Christopher Saint is set to release his forthcoming album, Songs About Conor, on September 30, 2022. Until then, we're feasting our eyes and ears on his latest single and music video for "Let's Manifest." The song is a contemporary dance-pop track with a 2000s synth-pop flair inspired by icons like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.

"The song is about manifesting your deepest dreams and transforming into your best self," explains Saint.

Jumping into the fiery new tune, Sir Christopher Saint holds nothing back and throws us into the glitz and glam of his manifestations through lyrics like "Got my money like Rihanna, legendary like Madonna, hot like Paris, ass like Kim."

The nostalgic synth-pop vibe kicks in around the pre-hook when Sir Christopher Saint dances through our speakers alongside gleaming sonics that pounces into the beat drop with incredible energy.

We have to give to Sir Christopher Saint for creating quite the irresistible atmosphere, especially in the song's music video. Viewers can catch him making it rain in the garden, posing in a massive Barbie box, and breaking it down with killer choreography to put on a complete show.

We highly recommend treating your eyes and ears to the sonic and visual luxury of Sir Christopher Saint's latest single and music video for "Let's Manifest." Find the music video on YouTube and the single on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Sir Christopher Saint. We can't get enough of the energy and empowering feel within your new single, "Let's Manifest." What drove you to create a vibrant song about manifesting your realities?

I love being able to use music to help myself and others transform. This song is inspired by one of my idols and former boss, Paris Hilton. She inspired me so much as a kid at a time when I was afraid to be my true self. This song represents me embodying the confident and fabulous version of myself that I’ve always wanted to be. It’s about calling forth your inner superstar!

What was it like creating the luxurious and stimulating music video for "Let's Manifest"? Did you have a team on board to help bring the vision to life?

Yes, the video was directed by the amazing Victoria Innocenzi and shot and edited by Hunter Gulan of Glasshouse Visuals. I was the stylist, creative director, and co-director. My glam, Rya, killed it, and I loved my dancers - Britt, Annie, and Sarah - with choreography by the amazing AtomBomb.

What was your favorite part about shooting the music video for "Let's Manifest"? What moments of the experience did you appreciate most?

My favorite part was re-creating Paris Hilton’s iconic Carl’s Jr. commercial with hot boys and my pink Mercedes. That commercial literally changed my life, and so I am so happy I got to live out my true fantasy!

Will we hear "Let's Manifest" on your upcoming album, Songs About Conor? What should listeners anticipate from the new album?

Yes! “Let’s Manifest” is one of the lead singles off my new album. “Songs About Conor” is such a personal body of work. And it’s my first album! It’s been a long time coming. It’ll be about 15 songs that are so near and dear to my heart.

As a queer artist of color, I love being able to share my love stories with the world, and this album is so vulnerable and raw. The album is a love letter to a spiritual experience and an amazing soul that changed my life. I am proud of how unafraid I am now as an adult to express my love to the world. Love songs and honest love stories change people. They help people heal. I will never stop singing my love songs.

What's next for you?

I’m manifesting a Grammy (and more) one day! I’m so excited about my debut album and to finally get to perform my songs.


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