“Let’s Party” With Young Rob & His Newest Summer Bop

Multi-genre UK-based Ghanaian recording artist, producer, and singer-songwriter Young Rob lets loose in his new summer anthem, "Let's Party."

Young Rob is the epitome of artistic versatility. Songs like "Freakiana" have showcased him as a stellar electronic/pop act whose talents never go unnoticed. His upbeat bangers and infectious energy are forces to be reckoned with.

This time around, Young Rob delivers all the energy and vibes we could ask for in his newest summer single, "Let's Party." With a title like that, you can probably tell what's in store. It's a mood-lifting, exciting, and fun song supercharged with synths and crisp percussion to help you dance the night away.

Summer is still running hot, so what better way to celebrate than turning up to this scorcher of a single?

Hitting play on "Let's Party," the listening experience begins with dizzying synths that unleash fluid vocal chops alongside warm piano melodies and driving drums. As Young Rob makes his lush vocal appearance, he wastes no time setting the tone with his vibrant energy that helps us forget our stressors and the door and party like it's 1999.

Young Rob does an incredible job of getting us in the party mood; his playful vocals, paired with his optimistic lyrics, bring a sense of rejuvenation and energy. It's quite an intoxicating listening experience, and even if there are no parties in sight, you're sure to get down and dance away to Young Rob's infectious new single.

Are you ready to get the party started? There's only one way to do that; by hitting play on Young Rob's latest lively single, "Let's Party," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Young Rob. We're ready to move and groove after hearing your sweet new single, "Let's Party." What inspired you to create such a vibrant and carefree track like this?

Thanks for having me. The inspiration for the song came around the early days of post-lockdown. When restrictions on travel and social events got lifted, that freedom inspired me to create "Let's Party."

Do you usually create such upbeat and feel-good songs like "Let's Party," songs designed to lift the listener's mood?

Oh yes, without a doubt. That's my vibe; that's my energy. Upbeat and feel-good music is my thing. You might get something different every now and then, but 99% of the songs in my catalog are uplifting and feel good.

Did you work alongside any songwriters, producers, or engineers when formulating "Let's Party?" What was that process like behind the scenes?

I write all my songs. I'm very hands-on when it comes to that. I do enjoy that creative process. I worked closely with my producer Regah who is based in LA. When Regah sent that beat over, he said, "Rob, this is a bit different from what we usually do." I smiled and knew what he meant after listening to it. My sound engineer Laurie Coupar who is based in London, and 2kings Entertainment studios in Ghana were also involved in the process. On my end, it was pretty straightforward. Wrote the song and hit the studio with Laurie. sent files to Regah, who mixed it and then had 2kings Master it.

What was your goal with "Let's Party?" What experience did you want to offer listeners with this single?

The Goal with Let's Party was to tap into a different set of audiences and to expand the fan base while giving my current fans something different to vibe to. The experience I wanted to offer was a song that uplifted the listener and also gets them into that party mood. Hopefully, I was able to do just that with the single.