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Let’s Pause, Breathe, And Reminisce With “27teen” By Monica Moser

As part of her new album "27teen (the beginnings)," Monica Moser, an artist, writer, and podcaster from Texas, takes us on a trip down memory lane with her most recent single, "27teen," released on August 18th.

Monica has had a rich experience in music, actively participating in the industry and creating pieces for her audience, which allowed her to find her voice, find her style, and define what she is passionate about. Monica explained: "Over the years, I've learned that I love performing and nothing can compare with that feeling, but that creating something feels infinite."

Her jazz/blues and folksy style paired with these amazing lyrics of "27teen" lets you connect with her as an artist; simultaneously, we connect with our past, inner child, or inner teen. This very nostalgic piece allows you to stop for a second and reminisce about all the situations, all the good and the bad that you've lived and are still here.

We consider this an empowering, honest, and relatable song. People of all ages, stages, and situations can relate to this song's feelings. Everything we lived in our past has allowed us to become who we are now; being aware of where we've been before is a great mental exercise we feel inspired to do when we listen to this beautiful piece.

We're glad we realized how fast time goes and how good it is to pause. Monica Moser and "27teen" have allowed us to do so, and we hope you can, too. Find Monica's fantastic work on all streaming and social media platforms.


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