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Let’s Rock With Levi R. Moore and His Latest Emotion-Filled Release Titled “Waiting”

Los Angeles, CA. transplant Levi R. Moore, originally from Detroit, MI, has a new, melodic, and thought-provoking single, "Waiting," one of many songs he has recently written that has true meaning. Moore says about his new single, "It’s a love story. You know that feel-good kind of love where it doesn't matter what she’s throwing at you, you aren’t going anywhere! So you are "Waiting." This stunning record was recorded at Blackbird Studio in Nashville, TN.

"Waiting" is a song Levi R. Moore wrote when feeling a sense of devotion and passion. "Waiting" starts us out with an electric entrance, surrounded by guitar notes and uptempo drums. As Levi R. enters the soundscape, he sings about his patience for her as he remains hopeful and faithful throughout this hard patch. "Tell me your secrets, tell me your lies" shows precisely how open and honest he wants their bond to be. You can tell just how deeply this connection ran and how badly he wanted to improve the situation.

Levi yearns for her love and wants her to say that she cannot live without him! His passion drives him to strive for more for both of them; this love story inspires us to never give up on each other, regardless of their situations. "Waiting" is an anthem for the brave-hearted lovers trying to rekindle what was once magic; it's wonderful.

Levi R. Moore displays his vocal range toward the second half of the record, really taking this record to the next level! "Waiting" is an experience you wouldn't want to miss out on.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Levi R. Moore! We love your new single, "Waiting." How did the concept for such a masterpiece come about? Started with strumming that G chord & it just poured out. At the time, I was feeling a whole lot of love and wanted to express it through music. The song arrangement as a whole is impeccable. How long did it take for you to make "Waiting" so unique and flavorful? I wrote waiting in about 2 hours. Then spent another couple of years trimming off the fat, so to speak. What is your usual process when creating records in general? Do you have a specific time when creating, or are you creating on the go? I think for the most part. Life needs to inspire you regardless of what type of song it is, so trying to force it out usually isn’t gonna get you. In my opinion anyway the best song. I think it’s better when it just comes naturally when you’re in the middle of practicing.

What's the message you're delivering in "Waiting?" It’s a love song! It’s about that incredibly feel-good love. The love we should all experience where the whole world stops for that one person, and there’s nowhere else you’d rather be or anything else you’d rather do. What's next for you? Currently working on a new album and getting out there and playing shows.


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