Let the Dance Floor Shake to Gannon Hall’s “Fine Boy"

Gannon Hall is a San Francisco based producer whose experience includes working as a drummer, co-writer, and co-producer of the rock group Mordred.

Since beginning his career, Gannon Hall has sold out shows at Marquee Club, performed alongside icons like Greg Allman, John Zorn, Larry Orchs, Tommy Guerrero, Tony Guererro, and many more. Recently, Gannon Hall is back at it again with his brand new single "Fine Boy," and we love every moment of it.

"Fine Boy" is Gannon Hall's take on modern dance music. It's one of those songs where you will be sure to find it playing at the club to get the whole dance-floor grooving as one. While listening to "Fine Boy" we were put into a colorful bliss that had our hearts pounding from start to end, the way that Gannon Hall keeps the intensity up all while holding a solid pace and groove is incredible.