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Let the Fall Out Begin With, “What’s The Issue”

Hailing from Gilbert, AZ, 18-year old imfalls has been making music for the past four years. From humble beginnings, imfalls began recording on a borrowed computer, a $45 microphone, and a dream; all from his sister's garage.

He is one to turn his trials and tribulations into upbeat Pop songs that anyone can relate to. With a wide vocal range and versatile artistic flair, imfalls has been consistently releasing singles that have accumulated many streams from his growing fan base.

With a melodic conveyance of heavy-hitting words, imfalls brings life to “What’s The Issue,” through a hungry vocal performance riddled with emotion. The instrumentation plays upon tightly knit drum patterns and mechanically reinforced guitar riffs. Creating a seamless blend of charisma that is doused overtop of a mellow essence, imfalls does exactly what he does best when it comes to catering to an audience who wants to feel something when taking in the music before them.

Navigating us through the intimate structure of the lyrics, we admire the vulnerable approach to the verses. Lyrical motifs such as, ‘and I don’t wanna talk about the shit you been doing, cause girl you acting hella shady,’ lure us into a heartbreak mentality that we can’t help but to embrace, as we feel the words imfalls’ portrayed in a relevant manner.

Catering to an audience that understands the emotions felt during the shedding process of a former love, imfalls has his listeners eager to grasp the motions of his anguish, as takes his lemons and makes lemonade. Always one to put his vulnerability on the line as he walks away from the past, imfalls has us hooked on the sounds of “What’s The Issue.”

Welcome to BuzzMusic, imfalls, and congratulations on the release of “What’s The Issue.” When revisiting this particular state of mind to create this song, did you find the process fairly easy to embrace, or was it more difficult?

Creating “What’s The Issue”, I found the song to be an easy yet challenging thought process. I knew what I had to say, but the words wouldn’t come out. I didn’t want to close that chapter of my life, but I knew it was the only way I could accept and move past it. After creating the song, I felt a huge weight had been lifted off my chest, as well as having a piece of art to represent another trial I completed in life.

In your own words, what does “What’s The Issue” mean to you as the creator? Now from the point of view of your audience, what would you hope to take away from a song of this caliber?

The title of the song “What’s The Issue” was about the relationship I had a few months ago. At first, it was like any other relationship, until I discovered all the half-truths and lies being fed to me. “What’s The Issue? What’s The Problem”, continuously, on a nonstop loop, were the words I had on repeat. Every day, there was something offsetting the love and eventually ending the connection as a whole. The title means, through all the bad that comes your way, take a few steps back and analyze the situation, figure out the game plan and execute the best way you see fit.

What’s your mission statement as an artist? How do you ensure you transfer that over to everything you represent?

As an artist, I see my job as allowing others an outlet. I open my heart up and purposely make myself vulnerable to others so they don’t feel alone through their life trials. Nobody struggles alone.

How does “What’s The Issue,” compare to your previous release?

“What’s The Issue” is essentially a sequel to my song “What’s The Point”. This song completes the broken love story and provides the closure that I never got from the relationship.


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