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Let VSN Take You Down “Kennedy Rd.”

From Accra, Ghana, to Canada's capital city, Ottawa - VSN is an emerging independent artist who has been dabbling in music production since his early youth. His journey producing for aspiring artists began in 2018, and by 2019 he had assisted several local artists in launching their careers in music. Pronounced "Vision," the sound architect widened his focus and honed his singing, rapping, and songwriting skills to create a unique sound as a do-it-all artist.

Serenading listeners with his latest release, VSN brings "Kennedy Rd." to the table as an ambient record fueled with undeniable flair. This ode to Toronto's staple street is chalked full of witty bars as VSN sways between smooth and quick-paced rhyme schemes, further professing lyrical motifs that make you yearn for the good life he raps.

As we tune into the production, much captures our attention. Enticing hi-hats keep you captivated and in tune with the intricate production details as your attention also navigates towards the chopped and distorted vocal samples and heavyweight bass rounding out this track. VSN's charisma is irrefutable, and he has a way with words that draws your attention to the overall composition of "Kennedy Rd," along with the singular features that stand out.

With "Kennedy Rd." personifying ravenous lyrics like, "Need, foreigns in the lot, and a mansion down in Prague. Throwing bangers on a yacht off the coast of Barcelona," this is a song we can see ourselves cruising down the street manifesting our dreams to, or turning up at a live show as VSN gives the audience an energetic performance. That's the key to a great track, and VSN drives it home.

Listen to "Kennedy Rd." on all major streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, VSN, and congratulations on releasing your latest single, "Kennedy Rd." We love the laid-back meets, "I'm going to get what I want," energy you put forth in this track. What's the story behind the inspiration?

The story behind the inspiration is my love for the incredibly talented artist Kennedy Rd’s music, fused with my emotions of dealing with and working through difficult personal experiences I have had to go through coming up in the music scene. It also, in some way, speaks to the confidence I’ve come to build as an artist in the game along the way.

What message do you hope your audience can take away from this song?

I hope the message from this song is that you can make your dreams come true as long as you’re willing to work and fight for them. Primarily through the tough times because those are the moments and lessons that make you.

What musical artists do you look to for inspiration when creating?

Several artists come to mind, including J. Cole, Post Malone, Drake, of course, SZA, and the Weeknd. I could go on and on, but considering I listen to these artists very often, essentially daily, they, in some way, have influenced my style of music.

What has been your favourite part of your journey thus far, from starting with production to becoming a solo artist?

In a word: The experiences! I’m talking about the artistic and personal growth, the beautiful, fun [and most times] crazy moments in the studio with other artists, the bonds formed, the ability to perform in front of my incredible fans, the ability to experiment to find my own ever-evolving sound. The list is long and growing, and has been nothing short of a fantastic experience I’m thankful for.

What's next for you?

A lot more coming! A lot of new BANGERS, if I’m being honest. I have some solo tracks in line to drop in the upcoming months, several crazy features and remixes with some of your favourite artists in and outside the city and a lot of video content! I will also launch my clothing line very soon called “ctrlvsn.” The clothing line's idea is to “take control of your vision” or, in essence, take control of your dreams to turn them into reality. The clothing line will feature some merch associated with my music and designs from other incredibly talented up-and-coming visual artists from all around Canada. Okay, I’ve said too much already. Long story short, stay tuned!


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