Let Waves of Tranquil Aura's Lap over You on Suga Brown's Latest Release "BDRM"

Raul Lopez is the North Pacific-native producing music that pushes contemporary music boundaries under the moniker, Suga Brown. Willing to tackle any music endeavor sponsoring any genre's auditory vestiges, Brown finds himself drawn to his curiosity for electronic-based Music. Now L.A.-based, the innovative sonic amalgamator has been fascinated with traversing through Music's most significant touchstones for his own Artistic development, rather than for the sake of Radio success.

With this year's sonic escapades, Brown indulges in his fondness and admiration for culturally rich Music from the Caribbean isles and Latin Landmasses, extending to us an Electronica-infused gift of his own design: "BDRM," featuring VKZ.

On "BDRM," the come-up before each hook is seamless, while the magnetic conductivity from oscillating pads and filtering influences float over our mind-frames with a pain-less drawl. There's a punchy backbeat that supports the entire endeavor with a minimal but steadfast dynamic beat operating as the engine in this well-lubricated electronic apparatus. As the transitional moments pass along, infatuating upswells of VKZ's spliced incantations evaporate into existence, and it's almost impossible not to feel a sense of dance and euphoria. It's like being transported to our own private island, with our best friends in tow behind us, buzzing over the blithe sun-lit shores as "BDRM" plays from beyond the heavens like our own personal soundtrack.

It's a minimalistic rendition, but that's precisely how Lopez meant to design it; to keep us focused on the sensation his condensed sonics provide. As we venture through one filtered transitional pause to the next, Lopez's low-end somehow manages to always creep up on us, reminding us to breathe before each new melodic up-swell plunges us back down into paradise.

There's no denying that as Suga Brown, Raul Lopez is able to command over the dominion of sonics related to any genre and any aesthetic, but with "BDRM," his talents are blaring and almost blinding as he victoriously capers around the louring court of the Music Industry with another slam-dunk.

Hello Raul and welcome to BuzzMusic, thank you for taking the time to chat with us about your latest release "BDRM." What was the inspiration behind "BDRM," and how do you manage to conduct the melodies over this genre's aesthetic with such effortless flow?

BDRM was inspired by the lead vocals, which I loved right from the start. The story of BDRM is told from the perspective of a mistress who is jealous of the other relationship her lover is having. When I was constructing the song I really wanted to add something to enhance the soulfulness of the vocals, so I used marimbas to give the track a wavy and sensual sound.

What has to be your favorite part about working with VKZ on this track, and what made it clear that he would be the ultimate collaborator for you on here?

VKZ is such a talented producer and one of my good friends. He really pushes the boundaries of contemporary music, and I admire that. When I asked him to jump on the track I knew that his psychedelic electronic vibes would be the perfect fit! VKZ's rhythmic percussion paired with the wavy beat creates really sexy energy.

When you think about a place on earth you haven't visited yet, but would want to for the sole purpose of developing your Artistry, where would that be and why?

I would love to visit an island in the Caribbean, like Barbados, to learn the culture and the music. When I went to school at Full Sail in Florida, I really fell in love with Caribbean music and it’s something I would love to immerse myself in. Also being near water really inspires my creativity!

Can you tell us about how you're always fueling your creative intuitions from day-to-day, and how this ritual is helping you achieve your Musical goals for 2021?

Honestly, a shot of espresso in the morning helps to get the creative juices flowing. Something about the smell of coffee gets me in the mood to produce. It could be an addiction I have, but I really enjoy a good cup of coffee.  

You've mentioned your interest in creating a Reggae album, so we're curious, what would that look like, and when could we anticipate seeing it?

I’m a huge Reggae fan! I would listen to “2 am” by Slightly Stoopid constantly when I was growing up. In the back of my head, I've had the idea of creating an album like that, but in a SUGA BROWN way. Combining Reggae with other types of genres that may sound weird on paper but would be amazing from a creative standpoint. It’s looking like sometime in 2022, probably near the summertime.