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Let XINCLAIR Know If You're, "Down 2 Ride"

Born in Detroit, Michigan, XINCLAIR is a 19-year-old artist who has constantly moved around during his early life. Living in places such as New York, London, Vancouver, and most recently Phoenix Arizona, he first began recording music when he was 15 as a way to almost journal his thoughts and emotions.

As we take a peek into his most recent single, “Down 2 Ride,” XINCLAIR recruits the talents of Binxx in order to let this song have the spotlight it deserves. Using the enticing vibrations that simmer in an atmosphere of Pop-Punk instrumentation meets Hip-hop delivery, we’re already finding ourselves lured towards the intoxicating creation that is, “Down 2 Ride.”

With the narrative following a relationship that's starting to see sparks fly, XINCLAIR indulges us in the story of two people having a love for one another, but one of them is questioning the loyalty that lies within the connection. Flaunting their undeniable talents in the modern realm of Hip-hop, XINCLAIR and Binxx provide an inimitable dynamism in the performance that they bring forth.

Going beyond the meaning offered up in the lyrics, both artists assert their talents in a riling pool of query. Begging the mesmerizing question that we continue to get pulled into, "Are you really down to ride? We gon’ find out."

Making our way full circle on this lyrical motif, XINCLAIR conveys a passion-filled persona that settles in a special place with his fan base. Continuing to garner attention, there are no doubts that XINCLAIR is establishing his name in a major way.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, XINCLAIR. We love this collaboration with yourself and Binxx on, “Down 2 Ride.” What was it like working with one another to give this song the sound it deserves?

Binxx is one of my closest homies so working together just comes naturally. We met around 2 years ago through music actually. One of my other friends Scott was close with Binxx and one day we all linked up and made the track “Flatline” which we later dropped. Since then I and Binxx have worked on a bunch of tracks, Down 2 Ride being the latest.

Is “Down 2 Ride” based on a real-life experience? Where did the inspiration strike for this song?

The song wasn’t based on one experience, in particular, more just a general feeling both of us had about being sick of fake people. With social media nowadays it seems like people are more confident than ever about being shady and not really caring about building real-world relationships. Pretty much everyone can relate in one way or another to having a girlfriend, boyfriend, or just a friend that switches upon you. Honest to god one of the worst feelings out there cuz loyalty is everything to me.

Could you please take us into what the creative process looked like when bringing this song to life?

We recorded the song over at Binxx’s place. It had been a minute since we met in person and made a song or just made a song period. So when I went over there we already had the goal of making a track in mind. We started searching for beats and instantly knew the one Jody produced was the one. From there the track just came together quickly. It’s hard to explain but when you find a beat that matches the vibe you’re in perfectly the lyrics come to you just like that.

What is your favorite subject to write about as an artist?

Honestly, I don't really have a favorite topic, I just make whatever I feel matches the vibe at the time. My catalog is pretty varied in terms of style, some songs are super sad and others are straight trap bangers. I never like to fake my music so if I'm not in a good mood I’m not gonna pretend to be and make a hype song or vice versa. But if I had to pick 1 topic I would say just life experiences, I feel that's what’s easiest to write about and what people relate the most to you know.

What's next for you?

Currently, I'm working on a huge amount of content. I have 4 music videos I'm filming this month and a brand new single dropping on the 26th with Gun Boi Kaz. My goal for 2021 since I recently graduated is to go full-time on music and put out as much high-quality content for my fans as I can.



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