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Let Your Imagination Run Free With The Latest From Sean Slick

Hailing from London, UK, Sean Slick is the next upcoming hip-hop artist who is considered to be one of the best rappers from his city. Sean Slick dropped his single titled “Imagination” off his upcoming project and we listened to this fresh and primal record and thoroughly enjoyed every part of it. The vibe and aesthetic of “Imagination” is light-hearted, chilled, and laidback with a flow that’s grandiose and groundbreaking. Sean isn’t your average typical rapper you may be familiar or used to, he has his own unique flow and particular style to his rap vocals that intrigues you and embodies his own element of hip-hop.

“Imagination” creates a serene image in your head while listening. For me, I was able to mentally paint vivid images of peaceful elements and atmospheric creations while listening to this stratospheric and sublime rap record. Imagination stays true to its song title by possessing a characteristic that’s catchy as well as creative alongside showing engrossing visuals by displaying the average lifestyle of a person in London. Sean Slick undeniably impressed us and we can’t wait to see what’s next from him!

Listen to "Imagination" here and catch up with Sean Slick in our exclusive interview below!

Tell us about growing up in London and how it affected your style?

So I have lived in London for over 20 years south London to be exact. I call it the London State of Mind! London is very diverse and multicultural and has significantly changed over the years. Growing up in London i would say has two paths, the perception from the outside in, its the old royal city full of amazing landmarks and royalty, and the Londoner perspective which is trying to get your way, girls, waking up early, avoid peer pressure, depression, the government woes and not getting involved in any crime, being young black man with goals to succeed, I would say Hip Hop has been my tool to display the real London for young people  and give Sean Slick views on the matter of Life.

“Imagination” is a super dope track! What was the motivation behind writing this?

Thank you. Imagination is that special track that was made pretty quickly. Imagination was a concept track where I flip stuff around and just have fun with it. I wanted to reach new crowds with a bouncy track where i can flow and show off my Slick Wordplay to the masses. My motivation is to get more success. I'm on my 3rd official project so i believe Imagination can pave the way for more eyes on my work.

If you could change one thing about “imagination” what would you change and why?

Okay this might sound cliche but not a thing at all, to me its near perfect when I first heard it and seeing the feedback from everyone its definitely one of my favourite tracks to listen to from my discography so far.

Do you have any musical inspirations or influences that have helped shape your career in the music industry? If so who and why!?

The usual is 2pac, Biggie, Nas, Big L, Eminem. I would say i take inspiration from these guys. Fondly enough i get compared to the late great Biggie and Nas for my style which i am incredibly flattered for. Not too many rappers here get that comparison as they are regarded as the greats.

A new school artist who i have been fond for a while is Tinashe. I wrote a song about her on my first project “SlickMatic” in 2017, had the opportunity to meet her that year also and gave her a shout on my popular songs Joyride, so I believe she may be a fan now, who knows haha.

What’s next for you through 2019?

Well I'm gearing for my next release of Big Plans out August 2nd 2019. Imagination will be on it so yeah just preparing, seeing what Imagination can get to in terms of heights and yeah enjoying the ride. I believe i am one of the best rappers in the city currently, I love the support I get from fans around the world, and I will continue to do my thing. Sean Slick is on the come up! Slicko!


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