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Let Your Mind Escape With “Til The Last Star” By C Z A R I N A

Residing in Brooklyn, BuzzMusic welcomes the self made and extremely talented C Z A R I N A, also known as Vero Faye. She’s a retrofuturist and electronic musician with an ear for modern music with a dream-like twist. With rock influences like Nirvana, Sound Garden, TOOL and Nine Inch Nails, her latest release fully showcases her vulnerability and further proves that her artistry will take her far into the music industry today. C Z A R I N A creates music that acts as an escape to another dimension.

"Til The Last Star" is C Z A R I N A ‘s newest release and it will instantly take you on a mesmerizing journey through space and time. Her revolutionary sound and genre-bending tones take your mind through a soundscape. “Til The Last Star” is a heart-wrenching parable about love that creates a trance-like dreamland for the listener. C Z A R I N A takes electronic music to new heights with her atmospheric sound arrangements and alluring lyricism. C Z A R I N A exudes vulnerability and raw power though the flowing electronic synths, light instrumentals, and hypnotizing lyrics. “Til The Last Star” s the perfect song to chill out to and let your mind escape. I recommend you check it out and stay on the lookout for C Z A R I N A, transcendent artist.  

Listen to “Til The Last Star” here. Check out our exclusive interview below!

Welcome back C Z A R I N A! Can you start by introducing yourself to our newer readers and fans?

C Z A R I N A:  Thank you for having me.  I’m C Z A R I N A and I’m an emerging RetroFuturist Synthwave, Cyberpunk, Electronic musician, artist, composer, songwriter and producer from Brooklyn, NY. I am also a multimedia creative director, filmmaker, and the founder and designer of Ivy Kirzhner shoes. 

Tell us about your newest release “Til The Last Star”. What’s the meaning behind the lyrics?

C Z A R I N A:  “Til The Last Star” is my very first spacewave and dreamwave ballad. It has a very epic, orchestral soundscape using atmospheric and cinematic synths that simulate the journey through outerspace.  The song is about choosing love, how to love without fear, and the depths one would be willing to go through for infinite, undying love, with the death of the last star in the universe as the only possible end point.  (However, as science and research in astrophysics show, a new star is born from shockwaves triggered by other stars that have died, so there could never be a last star).  

Why did you decide to take a more vulnerable and raw approach with this song? What inspired it?

C Z A R I N A:  I wanted to create a delicate song that is fluid and simple, yet thoroughly and poignantly articulates my true sentiments about my personal journey towards finding the meaning of true love and what it feels like. I’ve always been one of those individuals driven by ambition and goals. And too often we forget that the the true end point of our journey, whatever road we take, should be fearless love. At the end, that’s all that truly matters. I wanted to create something real and genuine, with all emotions as bare, exposed and unhindered as possible.  However, I am very lucky to finally have someone in my life to inspire such emotions and achieve the results I wanted to hear in a love song. 

What’s your writing process like?

C Z A R I N A:  My writing process varies from time to time. The writing process for “Til The Last Star” was quite unique to me. Everything flowed instantly and smoothly. The words flowed naturally into melodies and then I just heard in my head how the rest of the composition should follow and wrap around the lyrics and melodies.  I focus on achieving the proper crescendos and the quality of performance and vocal expression. 

In your last interview you mentioned some exciting collaborations that were yet to be announced, can we expect to see that in the near future?

C Z A R I N A: I am currently working on the music for a new Sci-Fi graphic novel with an electronic rock soundtrack I am co-writing with my husband, DeadlyKawaii called STARCROSS. For the music, we collaborated with Rome-based producer Chris Keya. There are also a couple of international synthwave and pop talents also involved whom we will announce very soon along with the project. 


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