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Letchen Grey Triumphantly Returns With “Dead Man Walking”

Letchen Grey, the iconic rockers who once ruled the Sunset Strip in LA during the '80s, is back with a vengeance.

Their new single, "Dead Man Walking," is a thunderous return to the spotlight, showcasing the band's enduring power and charisma. With a revamped lineup featuring Mark Andersen on guitar, Bradley Mangrum on lead vocals and trumpet, Joshua Taylor on bass, and Matt Jamele on drums, Letchen Grey proves that age is just a number.

"Dead Man Walking" was inspired by their 2021 track "Burn," which garnered them a three-page feature in Classic Rock magazine. Mark Andersen explains, "The article's title was 'Dead Men Walking,' which inspired me to write the song." The result is a relentless, guitar-driven anthem that captures the essence of rock 'n' roll rebellion.

Produced by the legendary Alan Niven and Chris Catero, "Dead Man Walking" hits hard with its infectious rhythms and Mangrum's powerful vocals. The accompanying video, produced by Luis Segui, adds a visual dimension to the band's resurrection, leaving no doubt that Letchen Grey is here to reclaim their throne.

With more songs in the pipeline and live shows on the horizon, Letchen Grey's revival is in full swing. Andersen wisely says, "Who knows where this all will take us?"

One thing's for sure: their music is a testament to the enduring spirit of rock, and "Dead Man Walking" is a triumphant declaration that they're here to stay. So, crank up the volume and join the resurgence of Letchen Grey – the rock legend who refuses to be forgotten.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Letchen Grey! This record marks your return after a lengthy hiatus. How does it feel to be back in the spotlight, and what motivated the band's resurgence in 2021?

Thanks for having us back. We dig your publication and appreciate your interest in our music.

Mark Andersen: During the lengthy hiatus, I continued to play music in bars and churches. Yeah, what a combination. I love the spirituality of playing in church, and my fellow musicians were excellent. At the same time, I played covers in every dive bar in town. I also got a college degree and established a career in the water industry. So, life was good and busy during this time.

2001 Eric Acevo, the original bass player of Letchen Grey, and I were rehearsing to play another dive bar. Before we got on the set list, we always improvised and threw out musical ideas at each other. I remember we just began writing our music. It was perfectly natural to us.

So we decided to record a few songs, Burn, Castaway, and Rocks Off. We didn't have a name for the band. Alan Niven, our producer, went on the internet and saw that the fans of Letchen Grey had created web pages, posted YouTube videos of us during our hiatus, and convinced us to use the name again. He also produced the first Letchen Grey EP, "Party Politics," and thought the new songs perfectly extended our previous music. The original band members gave me their blessing to carry the torch. Eric now has his band, and we still keep in contact constantly.

I'm very excited about our new EP, "Phoenix," and I think anyone who listens to Deadman Walking, Broken String, and I'm on Fire can connect with the lyrics and rhythm of these tracks. You can listen to "Phoenix" on Amazon Music, Spotify, our website, or see our new "Deadman Walking" video on YouTube. Bradley's vocal performances are outstanding. I also can't say enough about how great it is to have Josh Riblett, bass guitar, and Matt Jamele, drums, in the band. They are talented, and I'm excited to have others experience the Fire they bring to the band. So yes, we're all very excited about the future. We were already writing and recording new songs for our next release.

"Dead Man Walking" was produced by industry legends Alan Niven and Chris Catero. What was it like working with these renowned figures, and what did they bring to the song's production?

Bradley Mangrum: It was a surreal moment, From small conversations of life To a hands-on-deck approach with the recording. Alan and Chris's inspiration and professional demeanor relate to their music industry accomplishments. They brought many directional ideas to help formulate the song to what it has become Today.

Rock music has evolved over the decades. How do you see Letchen Grey fitting into the current music landscape, and what do you hope to achieve with your music in Today's world?

Bradley Mangrum: Yes, we are the music of yesterday. But we are also the music of Today, and I see us fitting right in with Today's theme. Our lineup is very diverse, with an age range from the late 20s to 50s," allowing us a broad spectrum of ideas and opportunities to catch the attention of many listeners abroad. We want to rock with the best and bring our energy and sound to the masses.

Please give us a sneak peek into the direction and themes of your upcoming music and how it might differ from your past work.

Bradley Mangrum: The new music we write has the same great guitar riffs as Letchen Grey. What breaks us apart from our days of the 80s and most bands Today has been the addition of our vocalist/ Trumpeter, Bradley Mangrum. He has brought such power and emotion to our songs that we are sure to grab the attention of others and, best of all. It's not only by his strong vocals but also by his trumpet performance.

Having the trumpet deliver a treat during melodic sections of our songs has also allowed us to write some enjoyable, upbeat songs that will indeed have the crowd moving. It brings fresh air to the Rock Scene and is excited to show the world our sound.

What's next for you?

Bradley Mangrum: We are working on our next video release for (Broken String), recorded with Deadman Walking. We have started pre-production for our newest songs written with this lineup.


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