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Letchen Grey Turns Up The Heat On "Burn"

Three Piece rock band Letchen Grey is led by members Mark Andersen (rhythm guitar), Eric Asevo (vocals/bass), and Tony Ross (drums). Influenced by the music of the '70s and '80s, the Los Angele trio is eager to announce the release of their latest hard-hitting single, "Burn."

A unit back in the mid-1980s known to be on the Sunset Strip in LA, we fast forward to the present day where Letchen Grey is here to join forces again. The high voltage energy from their latest release is an utter treat in how we consume the sonic amplification.

Bolstered with a jagged rhythm that keeps us on our toes with an upbeat tempo, the band's united front is stone cold and empowering. From authentic personalities to understanding the fundamentals of rock n roll, we couldn't ask for better performance. Sizzling through the speakers, the colossal percussion brings waves to us as we fall into a seamless groove that we ride out with the song's duration.

Accenting the track with sustaining guitar riffs that leave an imprint in our mind, we're also enthralled by the smoldering vocalization that fits into the quintessence of "Burn." Alan Niven, former manager for Guns N' Roses and Great White, and producer of "Burn" says, "A simple expression of contempt for the cankered soul of Los Angeles, a city with no moral compass, no collective intelligence and a determination for personal indulgence before all else.

It is an endless source of wretched media effluent. As the traditional destination of reinvention, it seems that all wish to transform into their worst selves." Evoking emotion in every form from us, Letchen Grey has us immersed in the goodness that is the connection they leave behind.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Letchen Grey, and congratulations on the release of your latest single, "Burn." We love the heated essence that backs this track. What moment or story sparked the inspiration for "Burn" to be crafted?

As much as the City of Los Angeles is trying to clean up for the Super Bowl it’s a total mess - thousands of people living in canvas hovels - it's looking like a cheap version of the Blade Runner environment. It's just wretched. There's no excuse for this to be happening. Unfortunately, the city I have always called home and love is full of rampant egos who have little to no sense of community. We have a governor who thinks nothing of a massive dinner bill from The French Laundry while so many suffer - it's Marie Antoinette all over again. "Let them eat silky tuna tartare." The wealthy here don't care. Don't care how they make their money. Would we have an opioid homeless problem without the exploitive manufacturers, Perdue, and their complicit doctors? They don't care how my community functions. They only care about more and keep it. It's just greed and arrogance. So burn, baby, burn. Maybe we get to start over...

We were thrilled to hear that "Burn" also happens to be part of a three-track EP released! What can listeners expect when tuning into that?

Rocks Off has a great cynical lyric, and is a companion to "Burn." Castaway is the dream and hope - a heart that is only cynical will dry up. Ya gotta have a dream. Castaway is a cool breeze of a daydream while on Catalina Island. See what is good and use it to visualize to realize.

Could you please share a glimpse into what the creative process looked like when bringing this song to life?

"Burn" has a feel and as musicians, we sometimes have the feeling before we have the words. Ya feel upset or outraged about something, and it takes a moment to clearly articulate what is generating the feeling. Is it a relationship betrayal? Is it people on the street? Is it corrupt politics? In "Burn" it seemed to be all of this. The vibe of the music, the riff, was there first. Then we had to figure out why it was there. We speak through sound first. Everything follows from there.

What advice would you give listeners that feel caught in the motions of their day-to-day life?

Be kind and do no harm. Give a dollar without judgment. Be cool. Be considerate. That’s all it takes. Imagine that all you need is love. Lennon was right.

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